Interiors: Themed blinds

The clocks going back is always a fun time in any parents lives, my kid were just starting to sleep in a little later as the mornings were darker then BAM they go back. Lighter mornings mean earlier wake ups and more tired parents. Not fun! Proper blackout blinds are something that I keep thinking about getting for the kids room, as the ones I hastily bought when we moved in aren’t quite wide enough and let light in round the edges and also have a few tiny holes that let light in too, so I need to source one that fits perfectly and does the job!

The kids room doesn’t have a theme as such just yet, it’s one of the many home projects on the list that we hope to get round to at some point. To be honest with the bunk beds, two wardrobes and two chests of drawers in there there isn’t a lot of space anyway for anything extra but a vague theme would be nice to tie it all together a bit. As the window is a really tall sash window it can dominate the room, but would be a great way to create a bold statement with a theme. I’ve been having a bit of a browse and VELUX had a lot great styles to take inspiration from. We have some glow in the dark stars on the walls already so continuing the space theme could work well!

Does your kids room have a theme?


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