Interiors: Tips for a Living Room Refresh

Sometimes, our living spaces need a makeover to provide us with the level of comfort we are accustomed to. When the wall colour becomes dull, and accessories feel inadequate in terms of their eye-catchiness, even the most conservative homeowner might start fantasizing about redesigning the space they live in into something more unique.

One of the most significant challenges homeowners can encounter is refreshing their living room. Although encapsulating feel-good vibes into any space can be challenging, switching up a living room setup is an entirely different kind of beast.

As almost every living room provides plenty of space, it is a perfect vessel for all your creative ideas. However, incorporate too many concepts at once, and you may very well end up with a disaster rather than a well-designed space.

So, how to create an invigorating space without cluttering it with unnecessary stuff? Below, we answer this question by providing a few creative ways you can use to spruce up your living room. Check it out!

Keep It Minimalistic

If there is one thing that we have learned from countless redecorating shows it is that less is more when it comes to decorating. This principle applies to all styles of living rooms, regardless of their location or size.

When interior decorating for your living room try to focus on choosing the most essential elements for your space. For example, if you want to frequently use your living room to listen to music, find a good spot for a set of Monitor Audio speakers and arrange the rest of the space around them. Stay away from anything that looks out of place in order to achieve an organized feel for your home.

Hang a Mirror

One of the quickest and easiest ways to add some life to a living room is by hanging a mirror. Not only will it reflect light and create the illusion of a larger space, but it can also add a touch of elegance and sophistication. A good way to achieve this is by hanging a mirror opposite your sofa. As the reflection of your room’s beauty doubles in size, the space immediately feels much bigger.

Besides, mirrors allow you to decorate your living room even if you have little wall space available. This is particularly relevant for those who prefer a minimalistic look over an overly decorated one.

Just be sure to choose a mirror that complements the existing decor in your living room. If you have a modern aesthetic, go for a sleek and simple mirror. On the other hand, if your living room has a more traditional vibe, consider a more ornate mirror with intricate details.

Add Plants

Adding plants to any space is a great way to inject some life into it. Not only do plants help to purify the air, but they can also be used to add pops of colour and texture.

When selecting plants for your living room, be sure to choose varieties that are low-maintenance. This is especially important if you don’t have a green thumb or don’t have the time to take care of plants. Some good options include succulents, air plants, and snake plants.

Use Rugs to Define Spaces

If your living room is on the smaller side, using rugs can be a great way to define different areas within the space. For example, you can use a rug to create a seating area or to delineate a reading nook.

Not only will this help to make your living room feel more spacious, but it will also add some personality and character to the space. Be sure to choose rugs in colours and patterns that complement the existing decor in your living room.

Use Wall Art to Add Interest

One of the simplest ways to add some visual interest to your living room is by using wall art. You can go with something as simple as a framed piece of art, or you can go all out and create an entire gallery wall. When considering the size of your artwork, try to make sure that it is in proportion with your living room space. Overly large or small art pieces can make a room feel out of balance and awkward. Consider choosing wall art with a square or rectangular shape to make it easier to position.

Incorporate Warmth with Textiles

To achieve a cozy and inviting ambience you can’t go wrong with textiles. While fabric is definitely an eye-pleaser, it is also a great way to create warmth. So, next time you are shopping for furniture, make sure you don’t overlook the power of well-picked upholstery.

A neutral colour palette will allow you to experiment with different textures and patterns. The key here is to select something that resembles the overall style of your living room. For example, if your living room space is minimalistic, a plush velvet sofa will be a perfect addition. If your living room has more of a rustic vibe, then a soft velvet sofa will fit right into the picture.

Alternatively, you can go with something as simple as a throw blanket or you can add some cushions and pillows to the mix. Be sure to choose textiles in colours and patterns that complement the existing decor in your living room. Doing so will help you create a cohesive look and feel for the space.


The living room is a place where you can spend time with your family, friends, and loved ones. It should reflect your personality and give guests an impression of who you are.

If you’re looking for a way to make your living room more exciting, the tips we have listed above will surely provide you with plenty of ideas. If you want to make the most out of these concepts, spend some time planning the entire process before you start any design work. By incorporating the tips in this article into your living room, you will be able to create a space that is both inviting and practical.

This is a collaborative post. Image via unsplash.

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