5 Tips for Helping your child to prepare and revise for an exam

It is no secret that an exam is something to feel anxious about. It doesn’t matter if you are an adult or a child, the thought of sitting down to be tested on your knowledge is enough to bring us out in a cold sweat.

James Goldsmith at 11plustutorsinessex.co.uk says that, as an adult it is down to us to make ourselves feel ready for an exam, but what about our children? The last thing that we are going to want is for them to have high stress or anxiety when it comes to sitting an exam. So, how can we help our children when it comes to preparation and revision for exams, no matter what form they are in.

1) Work with them on a revision schedule

If you are sitting an exam then you are going to need to revise for it. Unfortunately, planning and organising the time to revise is not something that is going to come naturally to your child, therefore, it is going to be down to you as their parent to sort this out. The best thing to do is to sit down with them and discuss their revision plans, you need to think about how much they need to revise, as well as any other commitments that they may have. You will also want to avoid too much revision in a block as smaller chunks are definitely more manageable.


2) Make sure that revision is as interesting and visual as possible

Children will find it much easier to focus on something if it is attractive to them. This means that revision aids such as stickers and highlighters are a great tool to have at your disposal. Not only does it draw attention, but can also make it easier for your child to remember the things that they have studied for.


3) Try to make sure that they study in comfort

Have you ever tried to read when you are surrounded by noise, or if you are uncomfortable? Chances are that it wasn’t easy. Now imagine trying to study something that you are finding hard work in the same surroundings. Not easy at all? Well, this means that in order to help your child to maximise  their studying efforts, it makes sense to ensure that they are studying in as much comfort as possible. Not only in the space they are in, but also how loud he rest of the house is too.


4) Bribery is never the key

It may seem like a great idea to tell your child that if they do well in their exams, that they can have a reward, after all, if it is something that they really want, then chances are that this is going to make them study and try harder. However, the truth is that this may be counter-productive. Instead of using bribery, try reminding them of what they stand to gain personally from their efforts. This will give them the drive to do well, for themselves, rather than for a treat.

5) Finally- Show love

At the time it may feel like an eternity, but soon the exams will all be finished and your child will be able to take a big breath, as well as you. Remember, no matter how they did, it is important that you show them plenty of love and ensure that they know you are proud of them. After all, they are your child and as parents we are always proud.

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