Top 5 Holiday Destinations for Seclusion 

Whilst many places are now experiencing over tourism, several incredible destinations still cry out for visitors. Visiting these secluded places offers a more profound, fulfilling, and immersive travel experience, something you will treasure for the rest of your life!

So, if you’re looking to travel soon but want to get off-the-beaten-path, and visit secluded areas, here are the top five holiday destinations for seclusion.

Hvítserkur Rock, Iceland

While most tourists heading to Iceland would tackle the famous Golden Circle route, visiting attractions like Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss Waterfall, and the Geysir Geothermal area, adventurers who want to venture off the beaten path and explore Iceland in seclusion should visit the country’s hidden gems.

The Hofsós Swimming Pool may not be as famous as the other attractions in Iceland, but it has incredible views that make it a great spot to visit when exploring the northern regions. Nestled amongst rolling hills overlooking the fjord of Hofsós, the stunning infinity pool is also a perfect spot for viewing the Northern Lights. If you’re into hiking, head to the Stakkholtsgjá canyon, which offers a relatively easy hike, but with a rewarding treat once you get to the peak. The area is near Þórsmörk, and depending on your abilities, the hike should take around two hours. After which, you’ll be rewarded with an impressive view of a waterfall that offers a variety of incredible photo opportunities!

The Hvítserkur Rock is another less-touristy spot in Iceland that you could explore in seclusion. It’s a uniquely shaped rock formation jutting out of the water off the shore of Húnafjörður fjord in the Northwest area of Iceland. Getting here is relatively easy, as it’s off a short detour along road 711 of the Ring Road. You can probably camp nearby (there are several designated campsites), as it will give you more time to explore the area and enjoy nature. Getting a campervan is recommended for the whole trip because it gives you space and comforts to keep you self-sufficient in your quest for peace and quiet.

Tuscany, Italy 

Tuscany is home to some of Italy’s most breathtaking landscapes. From stunning vineyards to majestic mountains and crystal-clear beaches and lagoons, Tuscany has various hidden gems you can explore in seclusion. These secret spots are the epitome of the region’s unique charm.

Pitigliano is a picturesque village built on a rock. It rests on top of a cliff surrounded by dramatic landscape views. Carved out of a volcanic stone, it gives off an enchanting vibe. Another beautiful spot in Tuscany that you can visit off-the-beaten-path is Saturnia, which has stunning thermal pools. Taking a dip in the hot springs is a perfect way to relax after a day of exploring. Since it’s not as touristy as the other spots in Tuscany, there’s a good chance you’ll have the thermal pool all to yourself!

Montepulciano, a medieval hilltop town surrounded by vineyards, is another hidden gem in Tuscany. Only a few tourists would venture here, but if you do, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful Renaissance architecture and ancient old churches. For a truly relaxing break in Tuscany, book a stay at one of the secluded holiday villas in Tuscany, surrounded by pretty hills interlaced by stunning vineyards!

Lyngen Alps, Norway 

Norway is a beautiful country home to gorgeous natural attractions. During the peak tourist season, which is at the height of the summer, these attractions can get very crowded. But if you want to escape the crowds and explore in seclusion, you’ll find many spectacular hidden gems all over the country.

The Lyngen Alps are a more unusual family holiday option yet are incredibly beautiful. Yet, it’s surprisingly quiet and peaceful. While it’s an ideal spot for hiking, you’ll find only a few hikers here, unlike the more popular hiking spots in Lofoten Islands. Lyngen is also easily accessible, as it’s only two hours away from Tromsø. If you’re into surfing, check out the unsheltered peninsula of Stadtlandet and Vågsøy. These islands are also home to the oldest monastery ruins in Norway and lighthouses that offer accommodation for tourists. 

If you want to go on a road trip in Norway, drive through the Gamle Strynefjellsvegen, a 27-km loop with breathtaking views. This route is a detour off the main road, so it’s quiet and not as busy as the other popular driving routes in Norway. 

Lake Sevan, Armenia 

For first-time visitors to Armenia, the most popular activity is to explore national museums and ancient monasteries. But if you want to get off the beaten path and visit places outside the tourist radar, you will find many opportunities to do that in Armenia.

If you’re not scared of heights, go paragliding over Lake Sevan, the largest lake in the Caucasus. It’s an exciting way to admire Armenia’s landscape from above. Another exciting activity in Armenia is visiting a ceramics factory, where you can learn how to create porcelain ornaments. You’ll not only learn how to make porcelain, but you’ll also gain insights into the industry of ceramics in Armenia. 

Not many tourists are aware, but Armenia is home to spectacular geological cave formations, the Mozrov Cave. Here, you’ll see fascinating stalagmites and stalactite formations – a truly unique place to explore away from the tourist crowd. If you want to visit these places and other hidden gems, book Armenia tours and find the secluded places noone else knows about.

Skopelos, Greece

The most popular islands people would visit in Greece are Mykonos and Santorini. But in case you didn’t know, Greece has six thousand islands spread across the Aegean, Mediterranean, and Ionian seas. Many of these islands are inhabited but are not as touristy as Mykonos or Santorini. One such island is Skopelos, which lies in the western Aegean Sea.

Skopelos is the location of the famous Hollywood film “Mamma Mia”. While it’s portrayed beautifully in the movie, you’ll find it more beautiful in person. And unlike the other touristy islands, Skopelos has a tranquil vibe, which is perfect if you’re here for a relaxing break. 

One of the highlights of Skopelos is its charming town, which is one of the first places you’ll see upon arriving on the island. Home to gorgeous, whitewashed houses, the town of Skopelos is a joy to explore. Check out the Agios Ioannis Church, which sits on a jagged rock dominating the sea. A trip to Skopelos won’t be complete without visiting its beautiful beaches. The most famous is Kastani Beach, the filming location of Mamma Mia.

Image via unsplash.