Top Tips for Choosing a School for Your Child

Having the best school picked out for your child can take a while to work on if you’ve moved to a new area or have a range of schools you could choose from. It can take time and effort to decide which is best for your child, but it far outweighs the happiness your child will feel in the right school.

From choosing the best private schools in your area, to the most suitable primary school you can commute to, this private Sixth Form in Hertfordshire has the best tips to follow when making your decision.

Take a look at the school curriculum

While there is a compulsory level of education, schools can provide more ways to learn or even less. Your child should feel like they have plenty of opportunities to work on their personal development through any additional subjects or extracurricular activities they fancy picking up. Most schools will provide a range of subjects that serve as additional learning, like French or Spanish lessons, media studies and music lessons.

Assess the commute

You may already be quite tied to certain schools if you rely solely on how you’ll get your child to school, but it should be easy to reach and doesn’t take much out of your day to get there in an ideal world. Most schools provide a bus service that your child can take advantage of, or you could find their new school is within walking distance. Alternatively make sure your drive to school is easy or isn’t too far away.

Talk to other parents in the area

See where your neighbours or friends are taking their kids to school. While safety in numbers and giving your child time to make friends with those they recognise is helpful, you can feel more confident in what others say of the schools near you. They’re also more likely to give unbiased opinions on how they think the school is run and what they believe could be improved about the school.

Check the exam results for the school

The best way to see if your child will improve throughout their studies is seeing how the schools compare in terms of the grades most students get at GCSE level. You’ll want your child to do the best they can with the right support and guidance in school, which is normally reflected in the school’s overall performance each year.


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