What Can Make a House a Home?

Having a roof over your head can be something to be grateful for, especially when there are people in the world who do not have that luxury. However, you may want to take steps to really make your house feel like home, rather than simply an essential part of living. By adding a few personal touches to your living space, you may also feel more relaxed about spending time there. If you share the space with others, such as family or housemates, you may also want to involve them in the decorating and decision-making, so they can also put their mark on the place.

Having personal photos in your room, or in communal living spaces, can show that you live there, and also make it feel more like home. While you may be able to get standard photos and frames, sometimes it can be nice to think outside the box a little. Obtaining custom photo prints in a variety of styles, sizes, and even shapes can really allow you to personalise the space a bit more. This can allow you to not only decorate some of the horizontal spaces, such as windowsills, dressers, and tables but also the walls as well. If you are renting a property, it can be important to gain your landlord’s permission before affixing anything to the walls.

Having some flowers around the home can also bring it to life a bit more. You may want to pick scented flowers, especially if there are often a lot of smells that permeate the house from cooking, or pets. If members of the household suffer from allergies or hay fever, you could instead look for those that drop less pollen, or even plants that have a use in cooking or medicine, such as herbs or aloe vera. A little bit of life in each room may make you feel like it is more of a welcoming place to be.

The time you spend cleaning your house can also affect whether or not it feels like home. Approximately 92% of people feel happier when their home is clean. A messy house could be unpleasant to come back to, and you may even feel like you don’t want to be there. By taking a bit of time to ensure that surfaces and floors are clean and hygienic, you may be able to alter your mindset regarding whether or not you want to be in the space. It can be useful to get those you live with to also help with this cleaning, so you don’t feel like you have been lumbered with a number of tasks and no support. This can include any children within your household, who may benefit from learning these skills themselves.

Finding ways to make your house feel more like a home can help you to have a greater appreciation for the space. Even small changes could allow you to feel more relaxed, and make your home a place you look forward to coming back to.

Collaborative post. Photo by Martine Vogel on Unsplash

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