Travel: 4 Best Destinations to Charter a Boat

If you’re ready to try out your sea legs and take an exciting journey by boat, there’s a few unforgettable destinations that are worth a trip. From pristine tropical waters to West Coast whale watching, here are some top trips worth exploring. Learn how to book San Diego boat tours and other unforgettable charters for your next vacation.

best destinations to charter a boat


If you’re dreaming of remote islands in the Pacific, few compare with Fiji. While this destination has become popular enough for some islands to feel quite busy, you’re sure to find an empty beach at one of the 300 separate islands in this area. Select a cruise that takes its time meandering throughout these islands and offers plenty of opportunities to hop on and off.

St. Martin

If you’re looking for an island experience a little closer to home, St. Martin in the Caribbean is a beautiful destination. Brimming with culture, this tiny island has a vibrant mix of cultural influences from the Netherlands and France. Check out the white beaches, shopping options and tasty dining opportunities in between diving trips and snorkeling.


If castles and old world European culture sounds exciting to you, charter a boat in Croatia to explore rivers in mild weather. A thriving food scene, fascinating history and welcoming locals and international travelers alike make Croatia a fascinating country to explore by boat, foot or car.

San Diego

One of the most underrated and exciting locations to charter a boat is San Diego, California. From this bustling, sunny city you can charter a number of boats for exciting trips. Take a trip on a world-class racing yacht and enjoy some of the best whale watching opportunities.

First, you need to select a boat. While bare-boat charters and massive cruise ships are popular for some travelers, the best way to experience a charter is on a racing yacht. Whether you choose sleek, modern racing yachts or a timeless piece of history, like an America yacht, you’ll enjoy the beauty of a sailing yacht. From the tall, elegant sails to the up-close nature of whale watching on a small boat, it’s sure to be a trip you won’t forget.

San Diego is the perfect location to watch whales. Whether you catch the gray whale season from mid-December to April or come for the sea lions, dolphins or humpback whales, few charters give you the same chance to see these majestic animals up close. Unlike distant, remote whale watching opportunities, your port in San Diego is located in the heart of a thriving, sunny city that has plenty of restaurants, cultural destinations and a vibrant nightlife.

best destinations to charter a boat

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From the crystal-clear waters of a distant tropical island to your premier whale watching location next door, there’s nothing like a charter to allow you to see the world in a different light. Whether you’re looking for your first charter or adding another thrilling sailing expedition to your many unforgettable experiences, check out private boat charters San Diego today. Learn about the fascinating history of yacht racing in America and see some mighty marine animals up close.

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