Travel: 5 Non Hotel Family-Friendly Accommodation Options

Travelling with children means having to look for a family-friendly place to stay. Whilst you can search for a hotel with a family room, these aren’t the only type of accommodation out there – there are many other options that could be cheaper and more exciting. Here are just five other options that could be worth considering on your next holiday.

Go camping

Millets Camping

There are lots of reasons to try a family camping holiday. It may be the least glamorous form of accommodation (unless of course you’re glamping), but it is also the cheapest. Kids tend to love camping as it can feel like an adventure. It can also be a great chance to get away from TV screens and technology, whilst encouraging kids to connect with nature. There are lots of child-friendly campsites out there with all kinds of facilities to keep kids occupied.


Stay in a caravan

You could also consider staying on a campsite in a caravan. This gives you a little more luxury whilst still being able get away to somewhere remote where the kids don’t have the distraction of gadgets. There are many campsite with fixed caravans – there are even holiday parks with caravans for sale in Devon. Alternatively, you could bring your own caravan or mobile home – you could buy one or hire one for the trip.


Rent a holiday home

Renting out a holiday home can be a bit costlier but can allow you to stay in a little more luxury. Unlike a hotel, you get a private space to yourself allowing you to make the holiday your own – some holiday homes even come with private pools. You can also cook your own meals, which could save you money having to eat out.


Consider a shared villa

babymule bag

You could also share a holiday home with a couple other families. Many of these are like mini hotels – you each have your own room, but there’s a communal living space for everyone to use. In some, you may have to share a kitchen, whilst others such as this French shared ski chalet may have food catered by staff. Shared villas are ideal for those that want to socialise and meet new people. A family focused shared villa is likely to have other families with kids, allowing your children to also make friends.


Look for family friendly hostels

Believe it or not, there are family friendly hostels out there – just take this hostel in Brighton as an example. Such accommodation has family rooms just like a hotel but with more basic amenities. This could allow you a more affordable option when visiting cities. Be careful when booking family friendly hostels as some can be used for school trips.

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