Travel: Why Andorra Is The Perfect Destination For Your First Family Snow Trip

Snow sports make for a great family holiday, with plenty of action thrown in to keep the kids occupied, and the chance to do something different for the parents! Many parents are put off skiing as a family holiday because of the expense or uncertainty, but with many families experiencing the benefits, there’s no reason why you can’t too. Skiing is a common family activity in Europe, so why not embrace the continental way of life and book your first family ski trip? We took our kids when they were two and 1 months and everyone had a great time!

If you’re looking for the perfect destination for your first family ski trip, look no further than Andorra. Here are just some of the reasons why Andorra is the perfect ski trip destination for families.

It’s close

Andorra is an easy resort to get to, with the flight time of around two hours to Barcelona or Toulouse airports, which are a short drive from Andorra. Seeing as it can take more time than that to get across one end of London to the other, the flight time is minimal. This is what makes Andorra perfect for weekend ski trips, helping you to test the water to see if skiing is right for your kids.

It’s affordable

Andorra offers some of the lowest skiing rates in Europe, which is ideal if your family is on a budget. Lift passes can start from as little as £25 for children, which include equipment and even lunch for a small supplement. It’s worth checking out Pas de la Casa ski hire online, as you could save money with advanced booking compared to on the day hire. It’s not worth buying your own ski equipment until you know that you and the family are comfortable and happy skiers.

The conditions are great

Andorra benefits from some incredible weather year round, ensuring the snow is powdery and fresh, but that there’s always plenty of sunshine to enjoy those incredible views. As many people choose to flock to other ski resorts in Austria and France, Andorra can be quieter, making for a better time for you on the slopes. The good conditions and quieter slopes also make Andorra a great ski resort for beginners. Decide whether skiing or snowboarding is best for your child and get booking some lessons that will turn them into experts in no time.

There’s more to Andorra than skiing

While the skiing in Andorra is great, there are many other things to do in Andorra that are worth seeing. There are spas, incredible shopping opportunities and beautiful architecture to enjoy which all offer the perfect escape when you need a day away from the snow. Choose a resort that has plenty of activities, or book a chalet or apartment so that you can spend some quality time together as a family.

Skiing is the perfect family adventure, and you’ll love seeing the look on the kids’ faces as they enjoy that view for the first time. As an action-packed holiday the kids will love, why not giving skiing a try this year? Booking now will save you money and give you something to look forward to once the summer holidays are over.

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