Ultimate Guide to Hosting the Best Summer BBQ

Now that summer is in full swing, you might find yourself glancing at the calendar and wondering how many barbeques you’re going to be able to cram into the available time. 

What’s certain is that the number is finite. Given this, you’ll want to make sure that at least one of these barbeques is a true showstopper. Let’s take a look at a few of the steps you’ll need to take to ensure that your ultimate barbeque goes off without a hitch.

Dust down your BBQ

At the centre of every barbeque is the grill itself. If the barbeque isn’t in good condition, then you might find it difficult to cook with it. Scour away any baked-on grease, clear out any ashes underneath, and make sure that any rust is addressed before it has a chance to worsen. 

If your barbeque is in really poor condition, or it’s looking a little on the aged side, then you might instead decide to buy a new one.

Send out Invites

Your party is only going to be as strong as its guestlist. Make a list of all of your favourite people, and provide them with notice of your intended date. The more notice you give, the better your attendance will be. If you’re celebrating a significant occasion, like a birthday or an anniversary, then you’ll have an excuse to send out fancy paper invitations.

Prepare the Menu

You’ll want to know exactly what’s on the menu before everyone arrives. Let your guests know whether they have to bring their own food, and figure out whether any of your guests have particular dietary requirements that you need to address.

Provide a wide variety of barbequed meats, along with vegetarian alternatives. Don’t neglect the side dishes, either: everyone will judge you on the strength of your coleslaw.

Get Grooving

Without the right party playlist, you might find it difficult to create the required vibe. Curate a summer playlist that reflects your personality – perhaps using a pre-selected summer playlist as a template. You can use a Bluetooth speaker to take the tunes outdoors.

Set the scene

Your guests will need the right space to unwind and socialise. That means you need to clean your garden furniture and garnish it with a selection of candles, cushions, bunting, and other decorations.


This is where things might get expensive, depending on how extensive your guestlist is. Make sure that there’s a well-stocked bar, and provide cooling facilities (that is, ice buckets) so that people can chill their choice of beers, wines and ciders, even when it’s sweltering hot outside. Also, don’t forget to mix up a quality punch, with some fresh fruit and herbs thrown in.

This is a collaborative post. Photo by Mike Kilcoyne on Unsplash

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