Upgrades Your House Needs This Year

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In order to get your house on trend this year, there are many changes both big and small you can make. Technology can help you run a more secure and sustainable home and interior design tricks can help to bring it up to date as well. There are other simple things you can do to bring your home to the 21st century. Here are some basic tips on how to have a more modern home this year.


By making some changes and running a more sustainable home you can also save money on your bills. The easiest way to reduce energy consumption is by making sure your home is properly insulated. Replace all your windows with double-glazing. This will keep the heat in and protect you from outside temperatures. You will save a lot of money on your heating and air-conditioning, not to mention reducing your carbon footprint. Another way to insulate your home is with carpets and rugs. Try out some fun and trendy vintage designs


To reduce your consumption of electricity, switch all of your lightbulbs to LEDs. These are more durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions, so they are suitable inside and out. Outdoor LEDs can also provide security with cutting edge technology. Look into fitting a Motion sensor security light, ideal for both your garden and garage. LEDs are not only more durable but they are much more energy-efficient and perfect for a modern eco-friendly household.   If you did an electrical course with Skills Training Group you could  even qualify as an electrician,   doing the work yourself on this home and any future ‘do-er uppers’ that you buy – or they do gas and plumbing options too.


Go Smart

Once you’ve got the gas and electrics sorted why not consider upgrading your appliances to more modern ones? These will be much more efficient and better for the environment. Newer models of things like washing machines and dishwashers not only reduce your energy consumption but are also much more stylish and work better in general. Most of these new models have the option to be controlled from a device or smartphone. Your heating and electricity can also be monitored using a single app. It’s there the most clever thing you can do to go smart this year. 


Natural Materials

If you’re thinking of doing renovations on your house, opt for more natural materials such as stone, marble and good quality. These always create a timeless design and will last you much longer. It’s more trendy nowadays to look for a more permanent option and this is also better for the environment. If you’re redoing your bathroom go for book-matched marble tiling for a very classy touch. 



Another way to stay sustainable is by choosing recycled materials for your decor. You can also upcycle many items and find them a new and exciting use. This can apply to fabrics, furniture, and smaller household objects. There are plenty of inspiring ideas online. You might also want to make some lifestyle changes in your home as well. Make sure you reduce your waste and separate plastics, glass, paper and organic. You could even set up a compost outside using your organic waste. 

Photo by  Eduard Militaru  on Unsplash

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