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I definitely live by the motto ‘boring women have immaculate homes’ as my home is far from tidy, but saying that I do like it to be clean! At the end of the day once I’ve got the children in bed and we’re settling down for an evening in front of the TV (okay so maybe I am boring…) I do like to have all the toys tidied away and the floor neat and clean, which is something it rarely is during the day. How is it that toast crumbs and crusts appear even when we had cereal for breakfast in a different room? Dust appears en masse from a mystery location and as both Athena and I have long hair I dread to think how much of that there is floating around! As a result of all the floor debris and my desire to sit in a clean and tidyish living room for a couple of hours each evening we do tend to vacuum almost daily but I hate doing it, mostly because our vacuum cleaner is big and you have to drag it around behind you and it tips over when you pull it round corners. Also emptying it isn’t intuitive and my wrists always get covered in dust.


Vax recently sent us the cordless SlimVac to put to the test to find out if they could bring a bit of dust busting excitement to my life. It was easy to assemble out of the box, The instructions were clear and I was able to start using it right away, just to test it out. I then left it charging for 5 hours to get a full charge. Compared to our old vacuum it is a dream to use, not having to faff about finding a spare plug socket (which often gets switched off during use by the toddler!) or worry about tripping on cables are both amazing, but the thing that makes it so much better to use is the portability. I can just grab it whenever I need it and clean the floor (or sofa!) with complete ease. It has a brushed metal tubing, a clear dust container so you can easily see when it needs emptying and clearly marked buttons; for emptying the container, switching the rollers on and off for hard floors and for changing the attachments.

We have mainly fairly old flat carpet in the house, with vinyl floor in the kitchen and bathroom but we do have a few deep pile rugs; one of which is made of wool and is shedding so requires a lot of vacuuming at the moment as little fluff balls keep appearing whenever we walk on it! The Vax Slimvac works well on all the different floor types, and the power of suction surprised me as I didn’t think something as small could be so efficient!

The Vax SlimVac has:

  • 24 minutes of vacuum time
  • A 22.2v lithium battery that fully charges in 5 hours
  • The ability to be used as a handheld cleaner for hard to reach places
  • a weight of just 2.1 kg
  • A 3 in 1 tool brush (dusting, crevices and upholstery)
  • A mode for hard floors and carpets, activated by a button on top
  • A wall bracket for easy storage and charging
  • An easy to remove and clean filter
  • A 2 year product guarantee

The two areas I would like to see improved are the shape of the handle, because of the way you hold the Slimvac when in use the shape of the body means it rubs slightly on my thumb joint as it’s not rounded enough. Either the shape of this part could be changed or perhaps a rubber grip added to make it a bit softer. It’s not just my little hands that experience this but my Husbands much bigger ones too. The other niggle is that if I am doing all the rooms and hallways in one go I need to empty the dust container in the middle of the process. I do realise though that if this container was bigger then the machine wouldn’t be as slim nor as portable! All our rooms are one one floor too so I don’t actually have to go far to empty it, it would just be easier not to!


So, does it mean I’m happy to get sucking up all the crumbs, dust and other crud that ends up on the floor? Actually yes, the novelty of having a cordless vac hasn’t yet worn off, I think it will take a while! It really is so easy to grab the Vax Slimvac and tidy up at the end of the day, or even during the day. It takes up hardly any space as it slots into the holder that is easily attached to the wall. A full charge gives about 20 minutes of cleaning time, which is enough to do our decent sized three bedroom flat! Here’s a video of us putting it through its paces…

The SlimVac has an rrp of £249 but is currently available on most retailers (including amazon) for £129!


We were sent a Xax Slimvac for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own.


5 thoughts on “Review: The Vax Slimvac

  1. I would *love* a cordless vac, but my fiance and his mum are not convinced that they have the desired power compared to a standard corded vac. The thing is with vacuum cleaners, especially cordless ones that they are so expensive you have to be really sure that you’re buying the right one or that they’re worth buying at all. It’s really hard to make that call. I think I’d be tempted to borrow someone’s if I knew someone with one to see how it copes with all the stuff that gets on our carpet haha. At the moment I’m using my mother in laws old upright sebo that is about 20 years old (and really heavy!) but it works much better than our little dyson that we had when we lived in a flat with more hard floors. << The hard part of being a grown up nobody tells you about!!

  2. I’m keen to try a cordless, like you I hate having to lug our big vac around so the idea of something I can just whip out for a quick clean is really appealing. I also think they sound awesome for the stairs!

    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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