Ways to Make Your Wedding the Talk of the Town

As it gets closer to your big day, you and your partner may still need to make a number of decisions. While some people are content to have a low key wedding, you might want to opt for things that really turn heads and keep people talking. This could mean that you need to relook at your budget to see whether some of your choices are feasible. However, in doing so, you may be able to gain some wonderful memories, great photographs, and keep your wedding day alive for those around you.

Having evening entertainment can be completely normal for a wedding reception. However, the use of fireworks could make it truly amazing. Wedding firework displays in Kent can allow you to have fireworks of your choosing crafted into a beautiful display. This may be especially useful if you have quite a large venue with a lot of open ground outside. This could also be combined with using sparklers as wedding favours, or during photographs, to bring everything together. It is worth keeping in mind that, in general, the more fireworks you have, the more expensive it is likely to be. Therefore, if your budget isn’t overly large, you may want to consider spacing out a few fireworks to really make the most of them.

The transport used at your wedding can also be quite important. While people might associate a ribbon or sash on a vehicle with a wedding, some makes of vehicles can certainly be more eye-catching than others. You might want to use a popular classic car on your wedding day to really set the scene. Alternatively, the use of a luxury modern car could also turn heads and make you feel that much more important. For a more fantastical feel, you could forego vehicles entirely, instead using a horse and carriage to feel like fairy tale royalty. 

A bit of a different way you can make your wedding talked about can be by taking the attention off of yourselves for however briefly. Some couples might choose to use their wedding day as a platform to help charities. This could include charity-based wedding favours, as well as asking for donations in lieu of gifts. Some couples might even want to include some volunteer work into their big day, to give back to their community. While doing this may be a little unorthodox, it can be a great way to try and start your marriage by making the world a better place.

Having a talked about wedding doesn’t mean that something negative must have occurred during the event. Instead, it could be about how your guests were treated, as well as the time and preparation that went into the big day. Thinking outside of yourselves for things that could really do some good might also give your wedding the publicity you seek, while helping those around you. Ultimately, however, it is important that you and your spouse enjoy your special day.

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