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I have been doing a lot of ebay and charity shop scouring recently with the sole aim to build up a library of wooden toys, and (if I do say so myself) I think I have done quite well! I will admit that part of the reason for loving wooden toys is purely aesthetical on my part. They just look so much nicer than their garish plastic counter parts. However they also last far longer and are often a lot more durable! This post is to show you what we currently have in our wooden toy arsenal but I’ve also included a couple of things that I’d like to add to it soon at the end of the post.


£10.50 for everything as a bundle on ebay, apart from the basket of bricks which cost £1.50 in a charity shop. I have fond memories of these wire type toys from doctors waiting rooms and similar places when I was small! The one on the bottom right is a whole town, with trains, animals and fish! The trolley and rack with the alphabet on will hopefully help us when the times comes to learn the ABCs!


All from various charity shops but on the same day and a total of £5.50. I must admit I slightly regret buying the maracas but she loves shaking them around. The funny little lizard thing clacks as you pull it along, and we also have a crocodile that matches him somewhere! The thing that Athena has her hand on is stacking coloured teddies, such a simple concept but are one of her favourites at the moment!

Again, a charity shop find for £1.75, and although we have a couple of alphabet toys already I couldn’t resist this one has it has a mini abacus and clock on it too!


So the two things i’m currently wanting to add to my Athena’s collection are a wooden walker with activities on the front. She’s already slowly starting to cruise along the sofa and the wooden chest in the living room so id like to get her something she can practise walking with in the centre of the room.

This marine walker from Bigjigs caught my husbands eye when we were having a browse, and I must admit its pretty gorgeous! I also try not to get toys that are ‘girl specific’ so this is perfect! And of course we’d love to get a wooden railway set for her, but probably in a year or so down the line as right now at 9 months old ‘destruct’ seems to be the prevalent thought in her mind rather than patience, but its definitely something to look forward to choosing for her. I can already imagine it’ll get a lot of use after she’s in bed too… The last thing we’d quite like to get for her is a wooden ark and animals, purely because one of our friends has one and Athena took a big shine to it and sucked on Noah’s head for a good half an hour! We found this one on Not on the High street, and love it mainly because it rather oddly has whales included (surely they could’ve just swum along side in the floods?)


Are you a wooden toy fan? Any fond memories of wooden toys from your childhood?

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  1. I LOVE WOODEN TOYS!!!! Sorry, I had to shout it! Our house is like a wooden toy emporium! We have so many, wooden walkers, a wooden music table, wooden stacking blocks, counting games. So, so many wooden toys and I love them all! I am a little bit addicted…! x

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