Like I said a couple of posts back, I have not been putting anything of much great interest on this here blog recently, so instead of napping this afternoon I thought I would try and post an actual whats happening with me type update, however there isnt a huge deal to actually tell you. I am still busy-beeing with the wedding plans, and mentally compiling a list of what to take with me on honeymoon. The darker-earlier evenings mean that I am even less inclined to do anyting other than go straight from work to home, get into my fleecey PJs and then doze until bedtime. The last time I wore anything of interest even potentially worth photographing for an outfit post was so long ago I can’t even remember. However my hen weekend is the last weekend of October and that might be an opportunity to dress up, hey? I’m really looking forward to it, and the week I booked off work afterwards too! I am aiming to get all the last minute wedding prep done so that the two weeks before the wedding arent all stressful and such, as I am working up until the wednesday before the wedding. Who am I kidding, its blatantly going to be stressful.

We had a lovely meeting with our vicar on tuesday this week to talk about the wedding ceremony, the wording we want to use and the order of service. Apparently now you dont have to promise to ‘obey’ your partner, which is good because I never do anyway! We’ve set the time of our rehearsal too, which is the night before the wedding. Much as the whole day is (hopefully) going to be special the ceremony is the most important part for me, and if the rest of it didnt happen I wouldn’t been too fussed, which sounds daft considering the amount of people we’ve invited and the money we are spending, but I see that all as an added extra to the actual marriage.

Our front room is half full of wedding parephernalia, I feel sorry for my lovely housemate Lynne who has to see it all day every day! I’m quite liking forward to having it all gone if I’m honest!

Alas, I can add no pictures to this because my bloody laptop had died AGAIN, so I’m posting this via my phone. Although I’ve just realised that I can add pictures from my phone… So here is a squirrel. (Although I don’t know where in the post it will be placed) well anyway, that’s all for now as I am off to London to search for a hen party dress and then a Hot Chip gig in Brixton.

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  1. I reckon youll miss the build up once the wedding has gone! OOOO Send me pictures of the dress you get today! Have with Jonee at HC! OVERNOVERNOVERNOVER. xxx

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