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What makes you YOU? Ponder it for a bit, it’s quite hard to pick a few things let alone the ten that Nectar challenged me to do for their new campaign!  I have changed a lot (As have my priorities) over the last two or three years and I do sometimes feel a bit disconnected from who I am, or rather who I was. So the challenge to find ten things that represent me was actually a really good one for some self reflection!


Here’s a bit about the ten items I picked and what they represent:

1 – My Kindle. I read a lot, I used to think kindles were the devils work but I came round when I realised how much easier they are than real books! Such a shame though, but I did keep my most favourite books of course! I have set myself a challenge to read 50 books this year, I read 30 last year so upped it a bit!

2 – Hair bands. Bit of an odd one but I always have one on my wrist and rarely wear my hair down, plus Athena is always asking to have her hair put up. I used to have really long (bum length) hair but donated it to the Little Princess Trust (16 inches went off to be made into a wig) and now I’m trying to grow it long again to do the same!

3 – My Phone. Or my connection with the outside world, to check in with my friends on whatsapp, to rant and rave about things, to talk to other mums to reassure me i’m not going crazy, to stalk instagram and waste time on snapchat… I would be lost without it purely because I’d not be able to take photos of my kids all the time! It’s a Samsung s6 and it has a really good camera!

4 – Notepad. I like to make lists, of things to visit, try or buy. Books I want to read, films I want to see, people I need to write to… the list is endless!  Writing things down helps me keep on top of things and makes my brain feel a bit more organised!

5 – Flip Flops. I absolutely hate wearing socks, and shoes really. I wish I could be barefoot all the time but flip flops is about as close as it gets! Oh and I always have painted toenails no matter what.

6 – Wedding & engagement rings. A big part of me is being a wife to Sam and mother to Athena and Arlo. I didn’t think I wanted a marriage or kids until I met Sam!

7- Perfume. I rarely leave the house without a spritz of something. I have perfumes for every day and some that I’ve saved from the past… this Benefit one was the one I was wearing on the holiday we were on when Sam proposed

8 – A Globe. I love travelling and exploring. Recently my exploring has been in Europe but in the past I’ve been to some Amazing places. Sri Lanka and South Africa especially and i’d love to travel more and explore with the kids if only we could afford it!

9 – Baths. I couldn’t fit a whole photo in so I thought a bubble bar would be a good way to represent my love for Baths. I can truly relax in the bath, and would stay in for hours if the opportunity arose (not often with a baby who doesn’t sleep much!) I find it the best way to take stock and recharge after a busy day. I love baths so much I gave them up for lent once!

10 – Tea. I’m all about tea and hate coffee. In the mornings I drink regular breakfast tea then after lunch switch to mint or fruit teas to stop myself getting caffeine headaches! I can’t start the day without tea, I’m like a zombie!

So why does Nectar want to know #MakesmeME? Well they are running a campaign to find out how truly individual people are, and are treating some lucky people to a personal thank you for taking part and sharing what makes them who they are! You can find out more on the Nectar website and join in by downloading the app. They’re going to think up a thank you gift for me based on my items above, I’m so excited to find out what it is, and i’ll share a photo here when it arrives!


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  1. Absolutely love this idea… i’m really not sure what I’d pick to represent me. I’m off to download the nectar app now though!

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