#WhatMyKidDid linky & Arlo at 7 months


I initially thought I wouldn’t have much to write about for this months update, Arlo had already started to taste foods just before six months and was sitting up and wriggling backwards worm-style and nothing else seemed to have changed but then a few days ago he started to crawl forwards. Nothing is safe now, with a combination of wobbly ‘proper’ crawling and super fast commando crawling he can get all over the place!


He’s got a few more teeth too, five with the sixth one just pushing its way through but seems to be taking an age! Lots of grizzles to go with it too! Amusingly his top two teeth at the side came through after his bottom two so he looked like a little dracula before the centre ones arrived!


Feeding is still happening on demand and he still won’t take a bottle. I’ve given up trying altogether now and am trying various sippy cups with water with meals but I really don’t think much is going down! I’ll do a separate post on how Baby Led Weaning is going soon, now that he is actually starting to consume things!


His personality is really starting to shine through though recently, and his range of sounds has definitely got more varied and definitely louder! He is starting to experience some separation anxiety and whereas he used to be fine if I left him with someone at a playgroup to grab a cuppa he’s not so happy anymore! I know it’s just a phase though and it will hopefully pass as fast as it did with Athena at that age! He’s really good with Athena dragging him around, sitting on him and grabbing things out of his hands the moment he touches things, I hope his good nature lasts!  #whatmykiddid   Sleep is still not really happening for longer than a couple of hours at a time. For day time naps he’ll fall asleep feeding and wake up if I dare try to move him, so his nap only lasts as long as I can be sat still, which with a toddler is not so easy! Thankfully Athena still has a two hour nap in the day so once she’s in her bed I lay in bed to feed him and can sometimes feed him again before she wakes up so he sleeps for a little longer. Night times are still a max of three-ish hours between feeds, I’m blaming teeth I think! I’m just thankful I can pop a boob in and go back to sleep, if I had to get up and make a bottle each time i’d be a zombie!

So, on to the linkup! Thank you to everyone who joined in last month, there was some lovely updates and a taste of things to come for us!

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5 thoughts on “#WhatMyKidDid linky & Arlo at 7 months

  1. I can’t believe how well he is coming along, we’re almost at 8 & 1/2 months and no sign of crawling or teeth – well done Arlo you clever boy! I love when their personality starts to come through, they are just so funny at this age, watching them discovering things is the best 🙂

    Thanks for hosting #WhatMyKidDid

  2. Oh he is just so gorgeous! That cheeky face in his crawling position is so cute. So sorry to hear that he is still not sleeping too well lovely. Hopefully once he is eating more solids that may help him go longer – everything crossed for you xx

  3. Bless him, it sounds like he’s doing so well! He sounds like such a lovely little character, so tolerant of his big sister. The sleep thing is so hard, but I was also always grateful that I could just shove a boob in instead of having to get up and make a bottle. Xx

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