When & How to revamp your style

As the saying goes ‘fashion comes and goes, but style last forever’. Your own personal style can say a lot about you. It can reflect your tastes and interests. It can give a little insight into your personality. It can help people to see you in a particular way. So, it’s not all too surprising that the majority of us dedicate a fair amount of time developing a particular style that we’re into. However, over time, you might notice that you change as a person and the way you are presenting yourself just doesn’t fit with how you genuinely are anymore. But not to worry. This just means it’s time for a revamp. Here are a few areas you can focus on to start with!


Let’s start with clothes. These are a major component of your personal style and it’s one of the first things people will notice when they meet you or see you. Many people put off overhauling their wardrobe, because it can of course be extremely costly. But there are ways to work around this. Consider selling old clothing that you don’t wear anymore online. There are plenty of sites that allow you to do this easily – eBay, Depop, Etsy, Schpock… the list goes on and on. You can also look for new clothes on these sites at a reduced price. Keep an eye out for sales and browse charity stores. You can find some real gems tucked away in the least expected places.



Piercings can be subtle or they can be bold. Either way, they alter your overall appearance in some shape or form. So, why not consider some? Whether you opt for a small helix piercing in your eyes or choose a noticeable septum piercing in your nose, this could be an exciting change! Just make sure to really take care of any piercings once you’ve had them. This particularly applies to the first few months. Follow aftercare instructions provided to you by your piercer, leave the piercing jewellery in for the recommended amount of time before changing it, and only purchase brand new jewellery from verified and reliable sellers.



Many people forget how significantly our chosen hairstyles can alter our look. The majority of people tend to have natural coloured hair with a blunt cut. But this doesn’t have to be the hair that you have! Consider mixing things up a bit. You don’t have to go extreme (although you can if you’re feeling brave and want to). Small changes can lead to larger changes in the long run. A few highlights or ombre hair could lead to more highlights, more ombre, and eventually a completely different coloured head of hair. Avoid making changes to your hair yourself. Head to a hairdresser who will be able to give you the cut and colour you actually want.


So, why wait? There’s no time better than the present to give something new a try. These changes to your clothing, piercings, and hair could create a whole new look for you!

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