Where Do The Best Memories Come From?

Where do your best memories come from? How can you make more? Are the best memories that happen pre-arranged, or organic? Are memories the grand plans you encounter, or the silly things that happen along the way? Of course, no one can answer these questions, aside from perhaps neuroscientists who’ve made a life effort to study the brain. But still, even they cannot fully explain the pure emotional core that some memories hold, why they stick with us, and why we keep returning to certain ones. All we can do in presence of these facts is try to craft good memories, and that means crafting good times with good people.


Where might you look in order to ensure that when you’re retired and ageing, that you have a wealth of experiences to truly give you that sense of comfort and satisfaction in a life well lived? We’d suggest:


Family Over Career

While a fantastic career path is hardly something you need to feel guilty about pursuing, it’s essential for you to know exactly what that might cost. Family is often all that matters, and if you’re away from your children almost all of the week, or if you barely spend any time at home, it can catch up to you. Of course, some people accept this and make it work. However, we’re simply suggesting that you consider how to make this work for you, and if you truly accept what missing out on the small moments mean.

Usually, the memories people hold most dear aren’t the amazing profit they turned that year, or how many promotions they gained in five years. It’s seeing their children walk for the first time, or being there for a sick child, or heading on vacation with your family. For that reason, striking a good work/life balance can be the first step to ensuring good memories are on your side.


Fantastic Vacations Or Experiences

While you don’t need to spend money in order to enjoy time with your family, doing so can help you experience many novel times and enjoy the company in fun situations. Often, instead of the best clothing, toys and electronics, experiences are the best thing to invest in. Searching online for the best things to do in Melbourne, or where the best Waterpark in the world is and saving for that can give you the experience of a lifetime, something you all cherish and refer to as a landmark time in your family history. Invest in experiences, as they are always of more worth than anything else.


Nurturing Something You Love

Nurturing something you love might not grant you the most money in the world, but it can nurture your soul. Have you always wanted to paint but have never found the time? Has your novel been sitting at the Chapter 2 rough draft for ten years? Try to figure out what small hobby you can do each week, something you’ve been planning on for some time, and you’ll be golden.


With these tips, you’re sure to make some great memories!

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  1. I really think that the best memories comes from spending quality time with family. We can learn a lot by spending time with our family and of course, we need to take good quality pictures so we can look at that picture and remember the good memories even if many years have passed.

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