Why we love to use Smart Bulbs at home

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Are you thinking about doing a home renovation project that involves changing your light fixtures? Or maybe just changing the mood of some rooms. Smart bulbs are the ideal solution, they come in different fittings so they can be used in almost any light fixture around the home easily. Smart bulbs are not like regular LED bulbs. They can do a lot of things that regular bulbs can’t. If you want complete control over your lights whether you are home or not, then smart bulbs are  the way to go. We have been using Smart Bulbs for around three years now, and we’ll be using them in our new house too.

Smart Bulbs Can Be Controlled from Anywhere

Smart bulbs are one of the best things to come out of the energy industry. Smart bulbs can connect to a lot of your devices through an app, which means that you can schedule your lights to come on or go off whenever you want.  This is an excellent security feature especially when you are on holiday. You can have the lights in your home come on at specific times so that it is never obvious that someone is not home.  It’s also nice to have a hall light on if you’re coming home in the gloomy winter evenings too, either by timer or on an app when you’re on the way home.

You Can Dim the Lights

To get your lights to dim you do not have to install dimmer switches in your home. All you have to do is screw the smart bulb into your ceiling pendant or lamp. You can then use the app that comes with the smart bulb to dim your lights. This makes it easy to create any mood you want in a room. If you want to go a bit further while setting the mood for a room, you can also change the colour of the light in a smart bulb. You can select the colour you want by tapping a colour wheel in the app.  This is a bit of a gimmick most of the time but the kids love different colours However changing the hue from a brighter daylight type light to a warmer yellow light is something we use a lot.

Play Music Through Your Smart Bulb

Some smart bulbs have built-in speakers, so in addition to changing the colour of the bulb or dimming the lights to set the mood in a room, you can also put on music as well.

Smart bulbs with this feature may cost a bit more but if you like the convenience of having this feature at your fingertips, and can afford it, a smart bulb that plays music might just be worth it.

Get Smart

Smart bulbs are an excellent way to improve the decor of any room in your home. With all the features that they have and the ability to control them from your phone or tablet, you have the ultimate control over how the lights in your house operate.

Once you experience all the features that these bulbs have to offer it is unlikely that you will ever go back to using regular LED bulbs ever again. Smart bulbs make life easier for you and they are always improving, so who knows what features will come next, plus they last much longer than traditional filament bulbs do!


Photo by Daniele Franchi on Unsplash.


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