Winter Travel Essentials

Winter necessities

Okay so Christmas is exciting and all that but I’m just as excited about our holiday at the end of January. We’re going away with two other families to the alps, and at least there I know it will actually be snowy and cold unlike our current balmy winter!

Here’s a selection of essentials for a successful winter holiday for anyone else who might need a little inspiration! Obviously a bunch of warm clothes is a good starting point, wind and waterproof jackets with furry collars, and long socks and T shirts to layer up, then add some cosy little penguin handwarmers to tuck inside pockets, these are from M&S of all places!

An eye mask to help catch those all important Zzzz’s after days spent on the slopes (or building snowmen if you’re me and the kids!) and a decent sized water bottle to keep rehyrdrated throughout the day, especially if you’ve been enjoying the Apres ski at night! This one is from Smiggle.

Tech wise obviously an adaptor plug is the first thing to go in the suitcase, so that everything can be charged safely! A sturdy phone case to protect your phone from knocks and bumps is always a must, especially if you go through phones at the speed my husband does! The tech21┬ácase offers a 2m drop protection but isn’t chunky so won’t weigh you down. A chromecast and speakers are ideal for after slopes partying, or more likely in my case playing youtube videos for the kids on the chalets big TV!



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