Freelancing a year on, the good and the bad!

It’s been almost a year since I left company employment to concentrate on freelancing as my only income source, and I’ve got to say much as there are so many aspects of working from home I adore, but there are a few that I don’t!

working environment

Working from home means mainly working from the sofa for me, I do have a desk but it’s in the coldest room in the house, so in winter especially I tend to avoid it! I am way comfier on the sofa, blanket over my legs and laptop on the little wooden lap-tray! My desk has most of what I need but there is the odd occasion that I’d love access to a stationery cupboard, or swively chair or different coloured paper without having to buy a whole ream of it that would take me ten years to use up! I can play whatever music I want, have a break whenever I want or nip out for a walk if I fancy, all things you don’t always get in an office environment!

Work Hours

This for me is no different, as my pre -freelance job was in hotel management, so I could have been working at any time of the day or night, much like the hours I do now! But for most people the idea that with many freelance jobs you can choose the hours you work is a real benefit, especially if you have kids; it means you can go do the school run, go shopping during the week when it’s less busy, make medical appointments without having to have time out of work (or potentially be denied time off.) BUT- it also means that you can end up working into the night, or working when you could/should be spending time with your family, so you really do need to plan your schedule out as well as you would if you worked to someone else’s deadlines!


Tea on demand, often made by someone else, plus a cooked breakfast whenever you fancy! 50% or less off hotel rooms, plus health plan, pension, shares, and lots more! Sadly all long gone now, and benefits I miss. I mean I can make myself tea on demand at home but it’s not quite the same is it? I guess a benefit is being able to work in your PJ’s- though I always feel more productive when I actually get dressed! You also don’t have to do a tax return or save a certain amount each month for your tax owed. Another huge benefit is if (god forbid) you had an accident at work you would more than likely still get paid for any time off you need to take to recover. To find out more about that sort of thing then check out this page:

Team Spirit

If you’re having a crappy day there is no-one to cheer you on and give you a bit of a lift, or to bounce ideas off. It’s all well and good having a group of people you can chat to online but it’s not quite the same as turning to the person at the next desk, who probably knows what your work entails in more detail than any freelance friends online. Also, no work Christmas parties, or bonuses for that matter!  There’s no nipping down the pub with the team after a hard day, either to celebrate or commiserate.


But for me, right now, with two young kids working from home is completely the right thing for me, but that doesn’t mean I’ll never be found working in an office again! Who knows what the future holds!


One thought on “Freelancing a year on, the good and the bad!

  1. Good luck in your freelancing adventures Lauren! It can be quite tough, especially when it comes to feeling isolated when working from home. But you do have ultimate flexibility over your time and that’s incredibly precious.

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