10 Little Things That Make Me Happy!

I often find myself moaning about little (or big) things and not celebrating or even thinking about the happy things. On International Day of Happiness I was tagged by Tasha to talk about what makes ME happy. Obviously there are a load of things that make me happy and if I list them all i’d be here all day! So here are a few things that make me smile, listed off the top of my head in no order of importance!


  1. The sound that a pancake makes when you flatten it in the pan with the spatula.
  2. When I get winged eye liner right first time and don’t have to attack my eyelids with cotton wool buds to fix the lines to make them even.
  3. The smell of a match being lit, in fact the smell of bonfires too.
  4. Getting to sleep in past 7am. It very rarely happens these days.
  5. When one of my kids has just woken up and they’re all puffy faced, groggy and wobbly on their feet.
  6. When someone trips over something and turns round to glare at it as though whatever it was did it on purpose! I don’t find people actually falling over funny though! Well, not often!
  7. When there is no dirty washing to do and no washing to put away. It happens VERY rarely. Maybe even just once?
  8. Getting Arlo to pronounce words. ‘Arlo say monster’ Mosstahhh….. ‘Arlo say Yogurt’ Gogarrrrt!
  9. Being by the sea, I’m thankful that we live so close to the sea, as I find it really calming and both kids can play for hours on the beach too, regardless of weather!
  10. Being my own boss! (See here: I Quit my Job!)


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What makes YOU happy?

3 thoughts on “10 Little Things That Make Me Happy!

  1. These are great! Lol at people tripping and then glaring at it. Thanks for the tag, I shall join in and schedule it when I’m free x

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