12 Reasons I love my BabyMule Changing Bag

babymule bag

Here are 12 reasons that I love my BabyMule changing bag…

  1. It’s not one but three bags, rucksack, shoulder bag and hang-from-pram bag.
  2. It goes in the washing machine and comes out as good as new. I repeat, YOU CAN WASH IT!
  3. There is a pocket for everything. I am still discovering them now… Inside the biggest compartment there is a zipped pocket and a mesh pocket and there are poppers to attach the removable bits to insidebabymule bag
  4. It comes with a changing mat and separate removable pouch for bits and bobs or to use as a wet bag.
  5. The shoulder straps are padded and shaped for a comfy fit. Plus it has a waist belt too (also with a zip compartment) These all fold away inside the bag when you’re using it as a messenger bag/clipped to the buggy.
  6. When you do use it as a back pack (95% of the time for me as I have a baby on the front) the back is designed to allow for air flow so no getting unnecessarily sticky, plus there are little elastic hoops to put the ends of the straps in so they don’t flap about.babymule bag
  7. It’s really light, so you can put as much as you like in it without worrying it’ll be too heavy (22 litre capacity!) It was the perfect bag to take to a recent spa trip as I had my snow boots, two towels, costume and all my toiletries in it with ease!
  8. There is a clip for your keys inside an easy to access zip pocket. No more rummaging around for them in the bottom amongst two month old raisins and manky wet wipes.
  9. I can carry everything I need for a day out with two kids including cloth nappies, lunch, a change of clothes and toys and books.babymule bag
  10. It’s husband friendly. Sam will happily use this when he has the kids without sticking his nose up at it. In fact he’s used it as an overnight bag a couple of times when he’s gone away on his own! (much to my annoyance, I need it!)
  11. The zippers on the main compartment are different to the others, so when you’ve got a hand full of a baby or it’s on your back you can work out what you are doing without looking. genius.
  12. It is water resistant. I have put this to the test when we were in the Alps, and even used it for Athena to sit on a couple of times so her bum didn’t get wet! Nothing inside got wet either!

So there you have it, 12 reasons why the Baby Mule is just perfect, no matter the ages of your kids, or even how many you have!



I’m a BabyMule Ambassador, so was given a bag as part of my role. All words and opinions are my own, and if I ever lost it (god forbid) I would buy a replacement pronto, it’s that good!

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