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The wonderful Italian island of Sicily, located in the historical centre of the Mediterranean is a wonderful place to visit- not only for adults, but also for children of all ages. There are so many exotic and adventurous things to see and do that it is impossible not to stir the imagination of your kids as they become enraptured in the mystique of a place that carries more than 3000 years of history (a lot of which they have most certainly seen and felt represented in cartoons or movies and videogames), and which artistic and cultural influence has encapsulated the diversity and ancient wisdom of the entire European continent (including Middle Eastern and North African influences).

When thinking about accommodation for the family, you could rent a beautiful villa with pool offered by many private owners and locals online anywhere around Sicily and its surrounding Aeolian and Egadi islands; so the entire family can feel at home and still take in all the folkloristic diversity of the local customs that make Sicily the cosmopolitan centre of the Mediterranean ‘par excellence.’ It is possible to find incredible budget deals for the whole family, such as Villa della Merla (4 bedrooms, 8 sleeps, 3 bathrooms, E143 X night, 4-7 nights minimum). Located on the edge of an olive grove and with a breathtaking view of Castellammare del Golfo on the Northwestern coast, and the beach reached within 10 mins by car, it is equipped with a pool, solarium, Veranda and a BBQ area- and all other modern conveniences such as A/C, Internet , washer and dryer.

Begin by visiting an ancient ancient castle like Castello di Venere (Castle of Venus) – once the site of a Temple of Venus -by the scenic mountain town of Erice, and let your kids play around the ruins, and you will no doubt see a look of excitement on their faces as they are transported to the mythical age of ancient Greece. Take them to a show at the world famous Puppet Theater in the exotic and sunny town resort of Syracuse, where they will be entertained by talented performers and inventive puppet craftsmen with a long tradition of inter-generational experience in the profession, and they will smile their way through the entire stay.

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