Our 2017 Family Bucket List

Belle du Brighton Bucket List


Lots of my favourite bloggers do a Bucket List, so this year I have decided to get off my behind and join in! I really liked reading What the Redhead said‘s last year, so I’ve semi pinched her format for my own this year. Sam and I spent a bit of time listing all the things we’d like to achieve, both personally and as a family. Some are easier and others may take a bit of work and money to make happen! I’d be happy if we achieve 75% of it, but I’m aiming for 100%!

I’ve added a lot of local days out like Washbrooks, Spring Barn and Bluebell railway, to try and make the most of our days off as a family, especially as Athena starts school in September this year! There are a few seasonal things like Ice Skating, and a few museum type things too. We’ve also included renovation type things for the home, and a weight loss one (haha, she says typing this up eating a pack of mint oreos!)

I have included two specific targets that I want to reach on instagram/twitter and these are the only ones I’ve set myself blogwise. I’d also love to get a third Social Media client to take me up to 20 hours a week on clients and then I can spend 20 on the blog, ish. Another ‘Lauren’ goal is for me to have a solo-trip somewhere, some proper lone wolf time just for me! It might sound selfish but I really need it, and now I’m not tied to a breast feeding baby I should be able to do it, fingers crossed.

So wish us luck, and i’ll be updating every couple of months of so!




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