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It’s a bit naff having a January birthday if I’m honest, everyone is skint, or dieting, or not drinking so meals and nights out aren’t that well received really! I am lucky really that my birthday is at the end if January rather than the beginning I suppose. I’m also pretty useless at compiling a list of presents for when people inevitably ask what i’d like as I’ve normally used up the few things I want on my Christmas list! I’m also trying to be far better at asking for things I really need this year, so they will actually come in useful in my daily life rather than sitting on a shelf gathering dust! I’m on a bit of a decluttering mission this year too so ideally want to get things that are either useful or ‘joy sparking’ can you tell I’ve been reading Marie Kondo’s book about tidying?

Anyway I’ve been looking at the gift site Uncommon Goods for things that I’d really like to get, items that I like the look of and would get use from. Another thing I want to try and cut down on is my carbon footprint, a part of not wanting to waste things that would eventually end up in Landfill is trying to buy from sustainable sources. Uncommon Goods have a great ethical mission; you can select a non-profit organisation to receive a donation at check-out, use paper from FSC certified projects as well as sourcing handmade/recycled and organic products.

There are so many categories to explore, my favourite being the Home decor section, which is full of a wonderful assortment of things, from the bizarre to the the really very useful, like the shower caddy hangers that look a bit like a crazy octopus but would be so cool hanging in the bathroom looking after all the lotions and potions! There are also some really nice jewellery designers creating some wonderful things, like lots of different types of mismatched earrings like the sun and moon pair that come in the cute little bottle!
If you’re looking specifically for anniversary or wedding presents then there is more inspiration for gifts on this board on pinterest, perfect for existing wives and husbands too!
As well as pretty things there are tonnes of things that do ‘spark joy’ like the coloured glass tumblers and the curved desk tidy. I’ve also got my eye on the travel laundry bag set, and the little roll to keep all your wires and headphones safely together in when travelling, what a genius idea! Many of the gift ideas can be personalised too, and custom T shirts, which is perfect for wedding or birthday presents to add a special touch to a gift and make it something that will hopefully be treasured for years to come!”which is perfect for wedding or birthday presents to add a special touch to a gift and make it something that will hopefully be treasured for years to come!
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