25 Advent calendar filler ideas

In a bid to reduce waste and give useful gifts this year will be the second year we’ve used  a ‘fill your own’ advent calendar. Last year the kids shared one  (though they got a surprise each) but this year they will have their own as we have been sent a wooden light up calendar from the Sue Ryder  Online shop.  The one we already use is a felt hanging style with different pockets so there is no chance for the kids to get them mixed up!  They have a range of different styles available, and the detailing on this one is really pretty. Backlight with warm lights,  sparkly trees and nordic-style decorations – one to reuse year after year!

Sue Ryder Wooden Advent Calendar

This one has a drawer for each day of advent, though unless your kids have amazing self restraint I suggest you only fill each drawer the night before so it’s ready for them in the morning!

Here are 25 ideas  for you to help with filling your advent calendar without resorting to chocolate coins!

  1. Stickers
  2. Temporary tattoos /transfers
  3. Baubles for the tree
  4. Lego or Plamobil figures
  5. Token for a hot chocolate with all the trimmings
  6. Festive Hair bobbles/slides
  7. Tickets to a panto /cinema
  8. Mini playing cards
  9. Go for a drive to see some  Christmas lights
  10. Child friendly face-masks
  11. Book Mark Sue Ryder Wooden Advent Calendar
  12. A ‘late to bed’ pass
  13. Lip Balm
  14. Token for making christmas cookies or cakes together
  15. Bath beads/bubbles
  16. A new Keyring
  17. Paper chain kits
  18. New Socks
  19. Watch a festive film with popcorn
  20. Christmas Badges
  21. Token for a craft session (to make cards or decorations)
  22.  Glow in the dark stars to decorate with
  23. Christmas Books (leave a written clue as to where to find them hidden in the house)
  24. Tickets to visit Father Christmas
  25. Festive stampers for cards/envelopes

Sue Ryder Wooden Advent Calendar

Some of the ‘experiences’ are probably things that you would be doing anyway, like santa visits – so shouldn’t cost you more than the  note you write it on but will be a lovely surprise for your kids! Of course if you don’t fancy doing all of these you can always add chocolates, sweets or lollies to break things up a little!

Do take a look at the  Sue Ryder online  Christmas shop for lights, calendars  wreaths and lots of gift ideas.

One thought on “25 Advent calendar filler ideas

  1. Wonderful ideas. I bought a wooden advent calendar from Sue Ryder last year. They are very good for gifts for the home and Christmas and all for a good cause too. Your Christmas book idea is fantastic. I’ll be using this one. Many thanks.

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