Sodastream: 3 Reasons to love Sodastream

Sam loves fizzy drinks and he used to be addicted to diet coke, but has cut that out in favour of tonic water and sparkling fruit-flavoured water. But with each bottle bought it means another bottle to be recycled .  An alternative option  is for him to carbonate his own drinks with a Soda Stream!  Now I remember a friends parents having one of these when I was around 10, and it feeling like the best treat in the world to be allowed ‘fizzy pop’ – and as I am in my mid 30’s and they were all the rage back then it looks like Sodastream is making a retro come back, and as all us millenials are trying to do out bit to save the planet it couldn’t have come at a better time! For the uninitiated a Sodastream is a  (small) machine that adds fizz to your water from  a small  cylinder  with the press of a button  .  You can turn water into sparkling water in seconds!  Here are four reasons to consider a Sodastream…

sodastream review

You’ll be  buying less plastic

Two bottles of fizzy drink a day is 14 a week and although you are (hopefully!) recycling them we still need to reduce single use plastics considerably!   Yes the Sodastream itself is made of plastic but it will last for years and years as there are no electrical bits to go wrong.  The gas cylinders are refillable too – Sodastream take them back when they’re empty and refill them for other customers as you order your new ones… each one will ‘fizz’ up to 60 Litres so they too last for ages!

It helps up your water intake

I am useless at remembering to drink water throughout the day. Having the (admittedly short) thrill of pressing a button to fizz up some water and add a flavour to it is actually  something that makes me drink more water – on an average day working from home I drink two of the large soda stream bottles… before that it would’ve been one or two cups of tea! We all know that drinking water is good for your skin, body, mind etc and this is a great way to do it!

sodastream review

You get your drink how you want it

Don’t like a super strong taste? Add less  flavour. Want a  drink with so many bubbles it’ll go up your nose?  Or one with less bubbles…  whatever it is you can make  it exactly to your taste. I  love the   Indian Tonic syrup, for my G&T’s, sometimes with the Pink Grapefruit cordial too.  Sam’s favourite is the  Organic Raspberry & Mint cordial, all of which are available from Sodastream in these funky retro style bottles!  Of course you can use normal squashes and cordials too.

sodastream review

You can see all the flavours, order new gas bottles and  see the different models and colours at

We already had our Sodastream – but we were sent two new bottles and 2 flavours  from Sodastream .

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