5 Reasons to Add a Pond to Your Garden

If you’ve never had a pond in your garden, you might think that it is a big commitment. You might have seen ponds at garden centres, or large stately homes and felt that they were beautiful and calming, but been unsure how you could create the same effect in your own outdoor space. If you’ve only ever seen large ornamental or natural ponds, you might not realise that you can easily add a smaller version to your own garden. 

Ponds don’t have to be massive. They don’t have to be filled with expensive fish or large water plants. You can click here to see pond liners that you might need, but, you can add a small water feature or pond to almost any space. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons to do it. 

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To Create a Relaxing Space


One of the best advantages of a water feature, but one that few of us consider until after we’ve installed one, is relaxation that it can bring. Gently running water is exceptionally relaxing. The sound of water can be wonderfully soothing, but there’s also the sounds of birds chirping and the soft noises of insects the water attracts. The colours, smells, and other elements can also help you to relax. You’ll often find yourself dozing off next to your water feature on a warm summer’s day. 


To Welcome Nature

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Water is a great way to attract more nature to your garden. Birds will pop in for a drink or a cool down. You might spot tadpoles or frogs in the water or on the lily pads. Insects will be buzzing around, and you might spot the gorgeous colours of a dragonfly or two. Then, of course, there is any fish that you might add yourself. Attracting nature will add to the relaxing properties, and give you plenty to look at. 


To Teach the Kids


If you’ve got young children, you might worry about adding water to your garden. But it can still be a great idea. Older children should be taught how to be sensible and careful around the water, and younger children brought up to respect it. If you have young children in the house, you should always supervise them, and maybe consider a wall or fence to keep the water out of reach. You could also stick to a very shallow feature. 


Water and the nature that it brings give you a fantastic way to teach your children about the world around them. Spend time outdoors looking around, exploring and learning. It can be an excellent resource. 


To Add Colour


Most of us love the idea of a colourful garden. A water feature is an alternative way to add extra colour and texture to your outdoor space, and the reflective water itself can make the area feel more abundant. 


To Increase the Value of Your Home


So few of us consider the value of our homes while we are living in them. You might not think about it until the time when you are ready to sell. By which time it’s too late to make much difference. A water feature in your garden can increase the value of your home and make it more appealing to any prospective buyers in the future. 

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