The Ultimate Christmas Movie Home Viewing Guide

There are many things in life that make it worth living. Sure, all lives have difficult moments and hard parts, sometimes the bad times feel they stretch on for far longer than they are welcome. And then we remember the things we love and care for, and we can feel that strength all over again. Often, it’s the simple things that are the most important. Family, friends, and nice food can help anyone feel better about their surroundings.

We might even think smaller. Seeing a great piece of art, reading an interesting book about history, or watching a Christmas movie with your family are all examples of times when we can feel complete comfort, enjoyment and interest, without any odd strings attached. It’s this last point that we would like to explore at length. The wonderful winter festivities are on their way, and so for this exploring the perfect Christmas-movie home viewing guide can help you enhance your experience of this thoroughly. 

Get The Atmosphere Just Right

A Christmas movie is not complete without a perfect surrounding atmosphere to watch it in. This is not something you can watch on your mobile phone. Only the living room television is acceptable, with your family together. If you haven’t enough seats for everyone as you may also have additional family members coming to celebrate with you, you may decide to purchase bean bags for your children to comfortably lay on. Additionally, the use of a wall heater or fireplace can help your home feel completely toasty and lovely, but be sure to keep the window slightly ajar in a locked position to ensure that the room is breathable and comfortable.

You can never get too comfortable at Christmas. A few lovely couch cushions, a foot rest or two, and allowing your dog to come and sit on your lap can help you feel absolutely rested and relaxed. 



A Christmas movie is also not complete without refreshments. Having some treats out to indulge in, a glass or two of wine or beer for the adults, perhaps an after-dinner mint or even turkey sandwiches for the next day can all signify a wonderful Christmas period and help you ensure that everyone is as satiated as they could be. After all, you may not think Christmas should be defined by its gifts or even its religious origins. But you’ll certainly agree that a harmless feast between loving family members is something that can always be appreciated, no matter who you are.


Find The Best Movie

With all that comforting out of the way, let us consider how to find the best movie. Thankfully, with services like Plex, or Netflix and Amazon Prime, you can be sure that new originals are being produced all of the time. For example, The Princess Switch features Vanessa Hudgens in a feel-good movie dedicated to her exploring herself and just what you would do in the presence of a much-wealthier doppelganger.

But it’s the classics that often reign supreme. Muppets Christmas Carol is among one of the best classic Christmas films, if not the best. But then we have Elf, The Polar Express, and a range of movies that are shown on cable television during this period. Additionally, many famous long-running television shows have their own Christmas episode or at least something to enjoy.

There’s no need to plan this for the most part, aside from considering what could be the best option that evening so everyone agrees. Family friendly, fun and engaging stories are often the best options here, because they are suitable for every generation and can help everyone feel more comfortable. Additionally, watching these religiously as if an art film is not required, your family can talk, make jokes, and generally enjoy the presence of one another as it’s playing.  Some tips to improve your experience:


Pick Up Speakers

Picking up a couple of speakers to plug into your television unit can be a great idea. 5.1 speakers needn’t run you more than $60 these days, and placed around your living room can truly give a cohesive auditory experience to help you get more immersed in your movies than ever before. You may even ask for said speakers as a Christmas present from your spouse to make the purchase that little bit more justifiable.

The Television Placement

When you have plenty of family around, the placement of the television may need a little adjusting. This is because when you think about it, you realize that not all television placements are the most conducive to people trying to relax in your living room. Perhaps you’re more interested in conversations and so have angled the television at more of an angle for background noise rather than real watching, or perhaps you have mounted your television above the fireplace, causing every to crane their necks up high if they hope to watch anything worthwhile.


The placement of the television means everything, and can often help or hinder your approach in the best or worse manner possible. Seeing as though our approach here is to bring everyone around to enjoy a film in the most comfort possible, shifting the television to a more appropriate placement could be your best option yet. We would recommend orienting your room to face the natural light to prevent glare on the television, and then ensure that you have enough open space (such as moving the coffee table slightly) to ensure that everyone can enjoy unfettered viewing of the television show they most love. It’s a small consideration, but it can really mean plenty in the long term.


To Summarize

There is nothing more comforting and enjoyable than sitting around viewing a Christmas movie or television show with your family and friends. It can certainly help us get into the right mood. With our advice, you will be more focused on providing the best experience for everyone, but also for yourself. We hope you enjoy the festivities in the best manner possible.

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