4 Easy Home Improvement Projects You Can Do In 24 Hours Or Less

We all enjoy a bit of DIY and home improvement from time to time, but what starts out as a little project at home can end up in you going way over budget and spending every weekend for the next 2 months trying to finish up whatever little project you’ve just started. But don’t worry there are some easy to do home improvement projects you can undertake that are so simple they can usually be done in a weekend without you having to smash any piggy banks.

So today we’ve scoured the internet to gather you 4 simple home improvement projects you can do by yourself without going crazy.

Project 1 – Hang Some New Blinds

Hanging a new set of blinds is a really easy task, in fact we’d be surprised if it takes you more than 20 minutes to complete this little project. All you need for this is: Tape Measure and a Drill.  For this task we recommend getting made to measure blinds rather than pre-made blinds as believe it or not, getting made to measure blinds up is so much quicker.

So what you’ll want to do, is first, measure your window (Top to bottom + left to right) with your tape measure and note down your measurements. Then find an online blinds retailer of your choice, select a blind you like, enter in your measurements, and click buy. From there, they’ll make up your blind and ship it out to you asap.

How you hang your blind depends on what sort of blinds they are, but most companies will include fitting instructions and some of the needed tools, usually fitting the blinds will just involve you drilling brackets into place, then sliding your blind into the brackets.

Project 2 – Paint A Feature Wall

Painting a feature wall is a lot more simple  than repainting a whole room and usually will have the same rejuvenating effect on the room it’s in. Depending how many layers of paint you use and how good your paint is, this can easily be done in a day.

First things first, you’ll want to decide a wall to paint and choose a colour that you want, ideally a feature wall should be different to your normal walls and draw your attention there, so usually the wall behind your TV will be the best wall.

Once you have selected your wall, simply pop down to your local DIY store, grab some paint and painting tools and you’re ready. Before you start painting, move furniture away from the wall and lay down a sheet on the floor in case you spill any paint.

Then simply paint away at your wall, if you’re doing multiple layers, do one layer, take an hour or so break then continue to paint the next layer on the wall.

Project 3 – Repaint Wooden Furniture

The task of repainting some furniture is especially easy if you have some left over paint from last time you painted a room, or have a few sample paint pots lying about the house.

What you’ll want to do is find some old furniture in your home, like a coffee table or footstool that is looking a bit tired and in need of a bit of a revamp.  Simply lay down a sheet you don’t mind getting dirty and stand your piece of furniture on the sheet to catch any drips/spills.

Paint away at your piece of furniture, bearing in mind that if your piece is already dark, it may take a few layers for the colour to stick.

Project 4 – Bring Nature Into Your Home

Finishing off with another very easy task that can completely transform the look of a room, simply getting some houseplants.  Ever since lockdown was enforced, people are becoming ‘plant parents’ en masse, just by simply popping to your local garden centre, picking up a few plants and pots you too can get in on the plant based action.

If you’re not known to be green-fingered, maybe pick up some succulents or cacti, they still bring nature into your home, but they are practically impossible to kill so they’re perfect for a novice gardener.

This is a  collaborative post.

Photos by Darren Richardson and James Hollingworth on Unsplash

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