Vinyl flooring that keeps you moving

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Having vinyl flooring means that you’re getting a flooring which works round the clock, to keep your lifestyle functioning seamlessly and making sure you’re inhabiting a property which is as comfortable and stylish as possible.

Let’s look at the types of situations where vinyl flooring saves the day.

Host with the most

So, you like to party, and you love to be the host? But recently you feel like your flooring has taken quite a beating from the hours of dancing and passing drinks and food around. Is there a solution?

Absolutely! It goes by the name of luxury vinyl flooring and it has a built-in protective layer which means that food or drink which is knocked, dropped or even thrown to the floor stands no chance of leaving a mark or stain deep within the surface of the planks or tiles.

Active addict

Maybe late nights aren’t for you, but if someone was to ask you to go on a run at 6am you wouldn’t even stop to think about it. Unfortunately, you live with little ones and your creaky floorboards wake them up which isn’t ideal.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring contains many built-in layers which work just the same as underlay and help to soften footfalls, meaning that you can stride out and back into your home without waking your little ones.

Creative flare

You may have just bought your first property and you’re looking for a flooring during the renovation process which will stand the test of time, moisture and home design trends.

Once again, luxury vinyl flooring is here to save the day by offering you something to feed your creative flare with. A whole host of wood and stone options are available from certified vinyl flooring stockists. Many even come with layering and border options for you to make your design completely unique.

Flooring for life and for style

Now you know the benefits to your lifestyle, it’s time to see which brands are going to support your lifestyle to the maximum.

Karndean doesn’t falter in bringing ultimate durability to those who want to experiment with layering patterns and borders. Their luxury vinyl tiles are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens as they block out moisture and stains with their protective surface layer.

There is a range for everyone with Karndean. Karndean Da Vinci offers stunning wood and stone designs which look like they were painted by the artist himself. Why accept less than the best in your home?

Whether you’re a busy bee or a home body, vinyl flooring stockists want to make your lifestyle much easier and this is all possible with the help of luxury vinyl flooring.

Photo by Mo Freeman on Unsplash

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