4 Home Comfort Ideas For The Summer

Summer is an excellent concept but it gets a little uncomfortable after a while. As Brits, we don’t know how to handle the temps when the mercury starts to rise. We complain when it’s cold and rainy and we do the same when it’s hot! Still, we are right to get hot under the collar because a home should be a haven. If you find it uncomfy, it’s not going to be a pleasant couple of months and you won’t get to enjoy the best season of the year.

Thankfully, these home comfort hacks are on hand to help. Here’s how to boost your comfort this summer.


Look For Bugs

Summer is when pests come out of the woodwork and go to town on your skin. From ants to mosquitoes and bed bugs, an infestation is a massive hygiene problem that needs taking care of ASAP. Pest control services are the answer, yet you need to be able to read the signs so that you can react. Of course, bites are cause for concern, and different ones indicate different pests. A grouping is the work of bed bugs while mosquitoes are single puncture wounds. Blood on your sheets is an indicator too. Also, watch out for droppings and excess skin because carpet beetles can be problematic.

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Don’t Open The Windows

When the temperature rises, the first thing you want to do is to crack a window. However, it’s a bad move because the air outside might be hotter than the air inside. If it is, your house will get warmer and you’ll feel more uncomfortable. Plus, anyone who suffers from allergies might set them off. Air from outside is laced with pollen and will instantly get into your bloodstream. The best option is to turn on the air conditioning unit as it blasts recycled cold air. Get one with a filter to prevent illnesses.


Know When To Let In Light


Natural light is an excellent feature of a home as it illuminates your assets; plus, it’s not as harsh as the synthetic stuff. But, opening the blinds or curtains might increase the temperature if the sun is shining directly into the room. The trick is to let light in when it’s facing from your house. Then, the ultraviolet rays won’t boost the temperature. Or, if you have blinds, don’t open them fully. Instead, twist them so that they let in some UV rays but block the majority of them.

Control The Thermostat

Sometimes, heating systems have minds of their own and come on without warning. When it’s 30+ degrees in the house, it’s most unwelcome! The good news is you can control the thermostat with an app. Whether you’re in the house or the office, the application will switch it off so that it doesn’t turn your home into an oven. Also, it stops it from wasting energy and burning money. Hive is the industry leader but there are plenty of them to choose from in 2019.


How do you stay calm and collected in your home during the summer?

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