7 Tips for Organizing Your Beauty Products

This is a collaborative post.

Beauty products get messy and cluttered very quickly. We buy new products, we’re gifted bath oils and moisturizers, and we pick up freebies on magazines and with other purchases. We buy shampoo before the old one has run out and immediately start to use the new one, leaving the unfinished bottle next to the bath. Most of us are guilty of just dumping products into a drawer or onto our dressing tables without much thought. 

This means that favorites get lost, products become damaged or leak, and some even go out of date, which can lead to infections and skin damage. 

If you’ve got bags and boxes filled with unorganized products, it might be a little daunting. But don’t worry, here’s a look at some fantastic tips to help you tidy up, keeping things fresh and easy to find. 

It’s Going to Get Worse Before It Gets Better

The best thing that you can do as you start tidying your makeup and beauty products is to tip it all out into a big pile. Or, organize it into several big piles – one for makeup, another for hair care, and a third for bath and shower products. 

This gives you a chance to see what you’ve got, what you need, and an easier way to see just how much you need to get rid of. Then, work through your piles, binning anything empty, broken, or unwanted, and wiping bottles. 

Buy the Right Products

Admit it, at least some of your makeup is cheap and basic. You don’t wear it because it’s bad for your skin, and you can’t remember why you bought it. 

From now, start investing in quality products, and spend some time looking for big discounts to get the best deals. You’ll have less, but it will be better, last longer, and you are more likely to take good care of it. 

Check Dates

While you are clearing through your makeup, remember to check dates, as makeup does go off. They won’t always be labeled, but a general rule, if you’ve had it longer than two years, or it looks or smells off, it’s best to bin it. 

Be Ruthless

Still holding on to that gift set your aunt bought you for Christmas in 2014? Keeping the shower gel that you won at the local school’s raffle last year, just in case you run out? Most of us are guilty of this. We don’t want to waste products or appear ungrateful, so we keep hold of the talcum powder gift set. You might even have a drawer filled with unwanted gifts and prizes, and let’s face it, if you haven’t used them by now, you are never going to. The same goes for the makeup freebies from the front of magazines. Donate anything that’s in good condition and unopened, and bin anything else. 

Group Similar Items

Grouping items, whether into ‘wear’, such as every day/going out/smokey eye etc., or ‘areas’, like eyes/lips/base can help you to keep things neat and make getting ready easier. 

Invest in Storage

Good storage, such as shelves in your shower, a vanity on your dressing table, and drawers in the bathroom, can make it much easier to keep things tidy. Put everything you are keeping away neatly and in the order that you’ve chosen to group products. 

Get into Good Habits

Make this big tidy a new start. From now, finish products before starting new ones, throw things away when they are finished or broken, and get into the habit of cleaning drawers and brushes and wiping bottles regularly. 

There are many advantages to organizing your beauty products. More order means that favorites don’t get lost and that you don’t waste money on replacements. It avoids damage and can even reduce the time it takes you to get ready in the morning. So, why not get started on organizing today?

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