5 Idea for family fun on a budget

Nearly all parents love the weekend. With school and work taking up most of the week, the weekends are the time to kick back together with the kids and reconnect and the best way to do that is through pure fun! Family night should occur once a week, and you don’t have to break the bank to make memories with the kids. Believe it or not, family night is something that can really bring your family together, even if it is only for a couple of hours once a week.

The best thing about family night is that there are so many options. Taking it in turns to choose the theme for family night is all part of getting to connect with each other – learning each other’s likes and dislikes and understanding what makes everyone happy is so important. It doesn’t have to cost you much, except the multi room audio, of course, but getting the whole family together to have fun is a must. Choose a day a week where you do something together, and you will be filled with memories long after the kids grow up and move out. So, below you’ll find five fantastic family fun ideas to get your Saturday night lit.


Board Games. But not just any board games, once that induce hilarity like Pictionary and Articulate. Ones that make you all laugh and put you into teams to laugh even more. If you’ve got older teenagers, the laughter you will get from Cards Against Humanity is another board game for the list, because just because you’re parents doesn’t mean you can’t impart a little dark humour.

Camp Out. Best for younger families, a camp out in the garden means you get all the amenities of the house and all the fun of an outdoor sleepover. Use the firepit to toast marshmallows and make s’mores and set up tents and sleeping bags. There’s no need to dig latrines, but you could have a cook out while you’re there and just talk to each other. Point out the stars and find contentment in each other’s company.

Movie Night. Two people make the popcorn, the rest can set up giant floor pillows and duvets for a movie night to remember. If you’ve got the cash, order some pizzas and make an evening of it. Kids will always appreciate and remember the nights that you got down on the floor and watched the newest action flick with them.

Pizza Party. Speaking of pizza, everyone needs to get in the kitchen. It’s time to show off your dough throwing skills and have a pizza party. What you make, you move to the person on your left and everyone tries a slice of everyone’s pizza. Have fun, bond and laugh your way to a full stomach.

Bowling. This one isn’t in the house, but a night on the lanes with some chips and dip? Fun for the entire family. Everyone gets the chance to have a little fun with this one, and no one is left out. Except the losers who have to submit to a fun forfeit!

Family night isn’t something you should leave out – no matter how old your children get.


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