5 Reasons Rice is a Legendary Fast Food

In nations like the UK, the humble rice grain sometimes gets a bit of a hard time. Relegated to a side dish that merely fills up space. Pigeonholed as plain and bland. Treated as a culinary afterthought. But we’re here to reclaim rice as the fabulous foodstuff it really is – consumed across the world by countless generations and capable of chameleonic feats of colour, taste and texture.

Prepped properly, this staple food is the star component on your plate, rather than a support act.  With that in mind, here are five reasons rice is a legendary fast food.

  • Taste

With a little Caribbean-style inspiration, even white rice can be terrifically tempting for your taste buds. 

One way of infusing it with flavour is by cooking it with onion, while seasoning with herbs like chives and dill also does the trick, and it can also be served with cinnamon as a sweet pudding. For more recipe tips, check out Caribbean Green Living. 

  • Texture 

White rice is popular because it’s affordable and quick to cook. But there are many other rice types with greater nutritional values and interesting textures which add new dimensions to dishes. 

For instance, starchy long grain rice is light and fluffy when cooked, sticky rice grains combine in gorgeous clusters that soak up sauces and arborio rice is creamy after it’s cooked. Experiment with a few different types of rice to find your fave texture. 

  • Tradition

In nations like China, rice production and consumption stretches back aeons, but it’s also a proud tradition in Europe too.

For example, the Riso Gallo brand has graced Italian tables for generations, and it has been in the rice business since 1856, when it first imported paddy rice and processed it in a Genoa factory. Rice can taste great anywhere, but it’s particularly lip-smacking when it has been prepared with passion.

  • Health

Any food type should be consumed in moderation, but contrary to popular belief, rice has several health-enhancing properties. 

It regulates blood glucose levels for starters, but it’s also good for the skin, helps control high blood pressure and alleviates constipation. So the next time you enjoy a delicious rice dish, you’re taking care of your health too – a diet double-whammy!

  • Hassle-free

Modern life is busy. So few of us have the time to cook from scratch every night and we’re always on the lookout for family dishes that are quick to prep and taste terrific.

Delish dishes like chicken egg fried rice, jollof rice and rice salads are fast to make and terrific to munch. Indeed, in many ways, rice is the ultimate fast food. For more easy rice recipes, check out BBC Good Food.

And voila  ̶  a quintet of reasons rice is a legendary fast food. 

Hopefully they’ve inspired you to get cooking and you’ll rekindle your passion for nature’s greatest grain!

This is a collaborative post. Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash 

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