How to: make your bedroom pop with style

Never underestimate the comfort provided by a well-designed bedroom.  Perhaps when you were a younger person, your bedroom contained nothing more than a rickety single bed with a pile of clothes next to it. And while it met your basic needs of shelter and sleep, it was also less appealing than a bin bag in a dumping ground. 

Now, as time has refined your sensibilities, you’ve added more items to your bedroom to make it a mite more comfortable – and the results have been off the charts.  A bedroom that’s a stylistic paradise will make you feel calmer and happier, and make sure you have a soundless night’s sleep.

So, let’s take a peep at some of the best items for your bedroom to help make it a masterpiece.

Bertrand bedside tables

The bedside table is an often overlooked piece of furniture, but do so at your own ill judgement.  We’d argue that this unimposing table is the cornerstone of your bedroom. It’s where bookworms keep their latest Man Booker read, where the short-sighted pop their glasses overnight, and where your luxurious lamps sit to illuminate your room in a soft glow.

So you better buy a good one. We’ve scoured the net and reckon that the Bertrand bedside table from SM London is your best option, offering tons of storage space and an uber-stylish design. 

Samsung The Frame

If you’re the type of person who likes to enjoy a little light TV before bed, you can’t go wrong with this one.  Samsung are one of the leading TV manufacturers on the market, and The Frame is an agile piece that hangs on the wall just like – well, a frame. 

And with full access to the Samsung app store, you can enjoy Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney and a whole host of other streaming services, while the quality of its QLED 4K colour display is perfect for bedroom gamers who prefer to enjoy their hobbies in high definition. Plus, with a customisable bezel, you can choose a shade that fits perfectly with the décor. 

The Frame is available in a range of sizes starting from 43” inches up to 75” – perfect for those who want to make a statement with their interior design whilst catching up with Line of Duty.   

Winged Blanket Box

Sure, you can store your blankets in a wardrobe like some schmuck, but there’s no matching the decadent comfort of a well-made blanket box.  A well-proportioned blanket box should be sleekly designed, allowing for ample storage and a style that’s of a piece with the rest of your room. 

And not only will you have a great place to store your blankets, you’ll also have an additional place to sit at the end of your bed. 

Those are our tips to help you perfect the interior design of your bedroom. What accoutrements have you added to your bedroom to maximise your comfort? Let us know in the comments below. 

This is a partnered post. Photo by Macauly Addesso on Unsplash 


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