5 Ways To Make Your Home More Accommodating To Guests

With Covid-19 restrictions now easing up, many of us are likely to be inviting guests into our home more regularly. Accommodating your guests’ needs can help them to feel more welcome and comfortable. Below are just a few ways in which you can make your home more accommodating. 

Add a light and shelter outside your front door

When inviting guests over in the evening, it can be helpful to provide an outdoor motion-sensing light. This can prevent guests having to stumble to your door in the dark. You should also consider whether your front door has an overhead awning to stand beneath – if it’s raining, such an awning could  help to keep your guests dry while they wait for you to answer the door. It’s worth also making sure that you have a working doorbell so that guests aren’t stood outside for too long. 

Provide enough glasses, cutlery and plates

If you’re inviting lots of people over, make sure that you’ve got enough drinkware and dinnerware. Don’t make your guests drink cocktails out of a mug because you haven’t got enough glasses – invest in some extra glassware if you need it. The same goes for cutlery and plates if you’re hosting a dinner party. For hosting large parties on a budget, it could be worth stocking up on some disposable plates and cups.

Make sure there are enough seats

Think about where everyone is going to be sitting. This could be particularly important when hosting a dinner party at a table – make sure that you’ve got enough chairs for all of your diners. For hosting large outdoor parties, it could be worth investing in a couple sets of fold-up chairs that you can take out when you need them. If you often invite a lot of guests into your living room, consider whether a small sofa is enough or whether you could benefit from buying an extra armchair or beanbag – or upgrading your sofa to something larger. 

Consider a guest bed

A guest bed gives your guests the option to sleep around yours without having to sleep on the floor. If you’ve got a spare room, you may be able to turn it into a guest bedroom with a bed, cabinets and a wardrobe. If not, you could always consider investing in a sofa-bed, a pull-out bed or an inflatable mattress to set up in your living room. Take the time to shop around for comfy options.

Keep your bathroom clean and tidy

Ideally, if you’re inviting around your guests, your whole home should be clean and tidy in order to make guests feel comfortable. However, having a clean bathroom can be particularly important for making guests feel at ease. Regularly clean your toilet and bath/shower. Add some air fresheners to keep it smelling fresh. Get rid of any clutter and make sure that there is enough toilet paper (using someone else’s bathroom and realising there’s no toilet paper is a nightmare situation that you don’t want your guests to experience). 


This is a collaborative post. Photo by Crystal Jo on Unsplash 

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