Stuff on a Sunday & January’s #5MinutesPeace

Hopefully you’ll know what I’m on about when I say I’m sharing my favourite #5MinutesPeace photos from Instagram from the last fortnight. If not then this post should explain it… there were so many lovely homely pictures that featured steaming mugs of tea and cosy corners that I could chosen just mug shots, but in the end these were my favourites:


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They’re all actually from other bloggers too, so from top left going clockwise: Jess McGlynn, Little Likely LadsLesbemums, & Capture by Lucy in case you wanted to visit their blogs. You can have a look at all the images that people linked up using #5MinutesPeace here and Donna will be sharing her favourite four images in a fortnight.

Here’s one of my own images too…

Because nothing of real interest happened over the last week due to excessive amounts of work, and excessive amounts of Sam being out of the house for work (Every night and a stay over) then away with the car to London yesterday for an Avenge Sevenfold gig I have very much stayed close to home (well, in it really as it’s been bloody freezing!) but I didn’t want to miss a ‘Stuff on a Sunday’ post so I’m just joining in with Little Loves!



I finished my third book of the year, an absolutely shocking written novel about a mum who moves to a new village and meets some whackjobs, basically. It had good ratings but clearly the readers wouldn’t know a good book if it got dropped on their head! It was called ‘A Year in the Life of a Playground Mother’ – I’d avoid it if I were you! It was free on Kindle Unlimited and sounded light hearted and fun.


Lots of Drama series for Now TV (more in this post)

Films: Meet the Jones’ which was entertaining in an obvious sort of way! I also watched Christmas with the Coopers which I really enjoyed. I’m a sucker for films that combine lots of little stories into one and it had a narrator too to pull it all together! Yes I know it’s not Christmas anymore but it wasn’t really about that it was more about the dynamics of a dysfunctional family.


Nothing that sticks in my head really, though as I write this at 1am there is a GLORIOUS silence; normally the level crossing outside goes up and down a few times in the night but it’s been closed for repair, hurrah! We never head it when we are asleep, as the bells get turned off/down but I do notice it when it doesn’t run!


This week we made brownie cup cakes & the messiest most unappealing looking red velvet cake but it tasted nice! Baking with two kids was stressful because more mixture got eaten than cooked and Arlo just didn’t understand the concept of waiting for anything to cook and basically went nuts, flinging himself around, screeching & throwing things! Might skip baking for a little while!


Pyjamas, basically. I have ballooned in size recently, I really need to do something about but not just yet…


It’s my birthday on Tuesday, I am going to London for a couple of days ON MY OWN! SO many #5MinutesPeace’s coming my way! It’s actually a semi working trip as I’m going to Dot to Dot and the Toyfair, but I’m meeting an old friend for dinner on Monday night and then get to spend a night in a hotel on my own, glorious!  I’ve got some guest posts lined up for you from some very obliging fellow bloggers though, so it won’t be too quiet on the blog!


5 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday & January’s #5MinutesPeace

  1. I love your 5minutespeace choices – there were so many great ones! Totally envious of your time in London BUT I get to see you next month YAY!! x

  2. Oh wow, enjoy your trip to London! I know what you mean about some of those kindle unlimited books, sometimes I can’t believe the rubbish that gets good reviews!

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