7 ideas for child free time

So the days are getting lighter and Spring is practically upon us. What better excuse do you need to offload the kids onto a doting grandparent, or willing babysitter for some nice one to one time with your partner? Obviously my ideas depend on how young your children are and what your budget is but I’ve composed a list of things you can do for some escapism if it’s needed:

1. Visit the cinema!  Choose a 15 rated showing and you’re guaranteed a couple of hours in a child free zone! A cinema local to me, the Duke Of York even sells wine and has squishy sofas to chill out on!

Out for dinner in the pre baby years!

2. Go out for lunch or dinner with your partner or friends, or even by yourself! Find a new restaurant or revisit an old favourite. Alternatively plan a date night after the kids are in bed, cook your favourite meal and open a bottle of wine and pretend you’re at a fancy restaurant!

3. Spend a weekend away (if you can bear to, I’ve only managed one night away solo so far) Preferably at a luxurious spa hotel in the middle of nowhere, with no signal and a king size four poster bed to completely relax in!

4. Escape to a hot bubble bath with a good book, if you need some inspiration take a look at my book reviews.  You could join a local book club too, to meet new people and get some good recommendations and discussion going! This was the most blissful bath at a posh hotel in Brighton.

5. Go and watch a show at your local theatre, I can barely remember the last thing I saw live and I really miss getting dressed up and paying through the nose for a tiny tub of ice cream to enjoy with the show! We also have a comedy club not far away, which is always a perfect way to spend an evening, just don’t sit too close to the front if you don’t want to risk being picked on by the comedian!

6. Arrange a childcare swap with a friend, yes you’ll have to return the favour but for however many glorious hours you can be child free! And with any luck they’ll come home exhausted from playing with their friends and give you a good nights sleep too!

7. Do a class at your local gym, or go for a swim at an adults only swimming session (with a sauna and steam after of course!) Swimming on my own is something I love to do but can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve done it since becoming a parent, but it’s relaxing and good for you, win win surely!

If you’ve any more ideas to add please pop them in the comments!


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