8 Reasons Why Double-Barrelled Surnames Are on the Rise in the UK

More and more couples in the UK are choosing to double-barrel their surnames, and there are several reasons why this trend is on the rise. For some, it’s simply a way to hyphenate their two last names and create a new, unique surname. But for others, there may be more meaning behind the decision. If you are interested in taking up a double-barrelled surname but are on the fence, these eight reasons for the double-barrelled surname’s popularity will help you decide.

To Keep Both Surnames

In the past, it was common for a woman to take her husband’s surname after marriage. But now, more and more women are choosing to keep their maiden name. This is especially true for women who have built a professional reputation under their own name. If you want to keep your surname but also take your partner’s surname, the obvious solution is to double-barrel the two names.

It Can Avoid Confusion

If you and your partner have the same surname, there can be a lot of confusion. Imagine sorting through a pile of mail only to find that most of it is addressed to your partner! To avoid this confusion, many couples choose to create a new, unique surname by double-barrelling their last names.

It Can Help Preserve Family Names

In some families, it is tradition for the firstborn son to inherit his father’s name. But what about the daughters? Double-barrelling is the perfect solution if you want to preserve your family name as well as your maiden name. By combining your two surnames, you can create a new generation’s family name while still paying homage to your own family’s history.

To Show Unity

A double-barrelled surname can be seen as a symbol of unity. It shows that you and your partner are a team and committed to each other. This is a beautiful sentiment, especially for couples who have been through a lot together.

Because You Can!

In the past, couples had to go through a legal process to change their surnames after marriage. But now, thanks to the new laws, creating a combined name or using a double-barrelled surname with your husband is easier. This means that you can start using your double-barrelled surname without any hassle or red tape. All you need to do is start using your new name and inform the authorities of the change.

To Create a Unique Name for Your Child

Double-barrelling your surnames is a great option if you want your child to have a unique name. This way, you can preserve your family name while also giving your child a name that is one of a kind. Plus, it’s a nice way to show your child that they are loved by both parents equally.

To Avoid Family Conflicts

In some families, there can be a lot of  tension regarding who will inherit the family name. If you don’t want to cause any conflict within your family, double-barrelling your surname is a great way to avoid the issue altogether.

Because You Can Do It Yourself!

As we mentioned before, you don’t need to go through the extensive legal process to double-barrel your surname. You can do it all yourself without paying for a solicitor or going through any hassle. All you need to do is start using your new surname and inform the relevant authorities.

Final Word

Whether you want to keep your maiden name, preserve your family name, or simply create a new, unique surname for yourself, double-barrelling is the perfect solution. So, if you’re on the fence about whether or not to double-barrel your surname, we hope these eight reasons have helped you make the call.

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