Birthday Slideshow: A Gift That Will Be Cherished

A birthday gift is a thing that shows the birthday boy or girl how much you care about them. That is why trivial and impersonal presents are out of the question. A perfect birthday present should be heartfelt, deeply personal, and emotion-evoking. And it doesn’t necessarily need to be material. A digital project for a birthday gift can hit just as hard as a material one. 

Take a birthday slideshow, for example. A lovely movie that features the pictures of the celebrant, that celebrates and honours them in a sweet way will be an excellent gift for any person. And the best thing about this kind of gift is that it will be immensely personal and profound and will cost you next to nothing. 

Don’t quite know how to make a birthday slideshow for your loved one? Don’t worry – we are here to help. In this little article, you’ll learn a few sure-fire tips on creating a B-day movie for your friend and relative, as well as tackle the process itself. So let’s dive in. 

Choose the Aesthetics

Start on your happy birthday slideshow by choosing a theme for it. Is the birthday boy or girl in love with some activity like fishing or hiking? Are they a part of some fandom? What football team do they root for? Use your knowledge of them to come up with the themes that would put a smile on their face when they see your project. If you can’t come up with a theme, then simply pick the aesthetics they like. Cottage-core? Gothic? Space-themed? It could be anything as long as your friend or relative loves it. 

Decide on the Images

Now you need to cull the pictures that will be featured in your festive slideshow. Once again, you have to rely on what the gift recipient will love more. Do they prefer to not take themselves seriously? Then go with goofy and funny pics. Do they take pride in their accomplishments? Then turn your birthday slideshow into a parade of their good deeds and important milestones. Make sure to incorporate videos into your project, too. Clips of the birthday boy or girl doing what they like will bring so much more dynamics to your project.

Spice Your Project with Decorations

In order to make your birthday slideshow truly unforgettable, you need to make sure it looks pretty. This is where decorations and effects come in handy. Sprinkle animations and transitions throughout your birthday picture slideshow to control the flow. You can go with tranquil effects or use more dynamic ones to set a different tempo. Decorations like lighting and nature effects will bring more sophistication to your slideshow and will make it look professional, but a word of advice – use them sparingly in order to keep the attention of the photos, and not on your artistic style. 

Get the Right Soundtrack 

Do we even need to say that your birthday movie should feature music? That’s right, your gift won’t be complete without some great tune. You can go with the celebrant’s favourite song, use the ever-popular Happy Birthday to You jam, or just set the movie to some lovely instrumental piece. The choice will depend on the overall aesthetics of your B-day slideshow. 

Add Heartfelt Wishes

Do you know what could make your birthday slideshow with music even more personal? Your tear-jerking wishes. Make sure to add slides with text where you could say all you want to the birthday person. You can put down your own wishes and thoughts or you can insert meaningful quotes or even poems into your birthday gift. Either way, these words will speak volumes to that special person in your life and really bare your feelings towards them. 

Need more in-depth information on creating festive movies for your loved ones? Then find a detailed how-to and tons of useful tips on how to make a birthday slideshow. Follow this link to learn about an easy slideshow making tool and will get a chance to see different slideshow examples, both for men and women, as well as various ages.


Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash.