A Bucket List update – 3 Months in



So we’re over quarter of the way through the year (say what?! that’s flown by) so I thought I should do a little Bucket List update and remind myself of what’s left to achieve on our list!

So the things we’ve ticked off in January, February & March were:

  • I got a new Social Media client (it’s temporary though as its an event rather than a product)
  • ‘See a live show’ Athena and I went to see Babe at the Theatre, we both loved it!
  • We had two windows replaced so now we’re not as draughty, hurrah!
  • We’ve ticked one ramble off our list of four, a nice three mile trek round Cissbury ring on the south downs to see the wild ponies
  • ‘Have a solo break’ – I have actually had two! I spent a day and night in London for my birthday in January and in February I spent a night away with Donna for a little spa break!
  • Visit a Zoo – we visited Marwell Zoo
  • Go to Paultons Park – we spent the day there on Arlo’s 2nd birthday
  • We also sort of ticked of ‘visit a castle’ but as it was a ruin I’m not ticking it off in case we manage to visit a ‘proper’ castle that’s all still intact!
  • Sam also ticked off ‘Go Snowboarding abroad’ but I’ve forgotten to tick it, whoops! He spent a week on the slopes in Austria.

Have you got a bucket list? How’s it going…?

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