So I can finally let the cat out of the bag, or rather the bump out from under the baggy tops, I’m pregnant!

I am well aware that ‘people are never as excited the second time’ (cheers mum) and don’t expect them to be but nevertheless it is still exciting to know that all being well we will be a family of four in six months! We had our scan today which showed that all is well, which is a huge relief after some bleeding early on for a week. The last three months have been exhausting, but it’s nice to be able not to have to hide it anymore!

Athena can’t really know what’s going on yet i’m sure, but she will often come and put her head on my belly, stick her thumb in her mouth and have a little lay down on me, which is seriously cute! Lets just hope she likes the baby as much when it arrives!

Right, Now I’ve shared my news I’ve ordered a celebratory Chinese takeaway so i’m off to scoff that and watch a film πŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “A little announcement

  1. Congrats this is great news! Wonder if Athena will be gaining a brother or sister? Hope its not too tiring with Athena running around – first time round I’m sure pregnancy is way more relaxing!

  2. Amazing news.. I did do a little squeal of excitement so don’t think people won’t be excited! I definitely won’t be closely behind you this time though so I look forward to reading your blog as you go through it all. Good luck!

  3. such lovely news, massively makes me smile that photo! I hope you enjoyed your Chinese, I’m sure you did. A is going to be the cutest big sister Im sure. X

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