Well swipe me! Two ‘Stuff on a Sunday’ posts in a row… that’s a good start!

This week has been a good one, no illness like last week and I could finally announce my pregnancy after what seems like weeks of having to keep schtum about it! It was weeks in fact because we found out so early on! A huge thank you to everyone who congratulated us on twitter instagram and here, too many to reply to individually but THANK YOU!

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Athena has been her normal adorable self this week and her personality is developing leaps and bounds too… its just so amazing to watch! She loves to dance and jigs about whenever she hears a beat, and sometimes when she doesn’t! We got an awesome video of it this week, I’ll upload it to youtube at some point so I can share it!


A quiet week in terms of doing things, but we did go out last night to Burgess Hill Bonfire Procession, which was a brilliant night out! They had a huge long procession of lots of different societies from around Sussex, all dressed up and waving flaming torches! It was really exciting and Athena loved it, bopping along to the drummers and bands. We headed back to the car after we’d seen the parade as Athena was well past her bedtime by that point, but we drove home past the fair ground to watch the fire works, which were really impressive! Athena was asleep before we’d even driven off so she missed them, maybe next year!

This afternoon I’m heading to my friend/Athena’s Godmother Emily’s to celebrate her Birthday (and her mums!) and as she is up in London for Uni most of the time we don’t see her very much, so hopefully a lovely afternoon in the Sun with some other little ones for Athena to play with too! Tonight’s plan is a home cooked curry, blogging and Downton Abbey (so pleased it’s back!)

Happy Sunday all!

6 thoughts on “Stuff on a Sunday #2

  1. Congrats on the new buba, Athena is going to be the cutest big sister, and actually she is adorable now, she looks like a right character. Looking forward to preg no 2 adventures!

  2. Congrats again on being mit bump! Well done on keeping the secret for so long too 🙂 Looking forward to seeing A’s dancing- from what I’ve seen of her dancing so far that girl has got serious moves. xxx

  3. looks like a great event, it’s a shame nothing like that happens near me. Athena looked really impressed with her star!

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