A visit to Parham House

In the first week of September we took a trip to Parham House in Sussex as Sam’s dad had come down to visit us and see Athena again, it was such a glorious day that we wanted to go somewhere and enjoy the sun!  Parham House is run independently so it cost us less to get in than a National Trust property, or Arundel Castle which was our first choice but was extortionate when we looked into it.

We took a stroll around the Gardens first, and Sam tried his hand (feet?) at the maze… The old kitchen gardens are still present, with apple trees and pumpkins growing in the sun.

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We sat in the shade for a little bit because we had time to kill before the house opened for tours and viewings at 2pm (I presume this is because the family still live in it, and I have always wondered what it’d be like to live in a house that is open to the public… no more strolling around in my PJs all day!)
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We had a quick lunch the the restaurant, which is set up in the Kitchen of the house, which was lovely to see. They’d kept and displayed all the copper moulds and pots and pans, and you could see all the bells connected to the various rooms in the house for calling the maids, very Downton Abbey!

SDC14386 SDC14384
After lunch we spent the afternoon strolling round the magnificent house, which was very well preserved, alas no photos allowed inside but it really was lovely. The guides were all friendly and full of knowledge, and there was a display up on the top floor explaining the history of the house and the family, and it was so lovely to see that the house was used for evacuees in the war, can you imagine being shipped out of London and arriving at this house with all its acres of gardens?
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You can visit the Parham House website for a glimpse inside the house, and for all the visitor info and whatnot! I imagine that’ll be our last outdoorsy outing for this year judging by the cooler weather, although I’ve bought a lovely fleecy giraffe snow suit for Athena, so she’ll be warm whatever the weather!

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  1. This looks lovely. We have national trust membership and I find it so useful to have because the prices for individual place are extortionate. X

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