In September I… plus an update


September has literally flown by in a blur of slightly chillier weather, lonely evenings and watching box sets (Suburgatory, The Killing, Criminal Minds and Sabrina, in case you’re interested!) Also, the final episode of Dexter… what the heck!? 

Sam’s dad came to visit for a day and we went to a country house, I had a couple of lunches and dinners out and have also started planning Athena’s Christening. Sam worked lots this month as his hotel was really busy with late summer weddings and party political conferences. Athena grew lots and is almost 4 months old, so I should really start writing her 4 month update soon! She’s also got really erratic sleeping patterns at the moment, some nights 8hrs in a row, some nights 3, so I’m feeling pretty tired most of the time recently! I’ve wanted to blog a lot more but some nights I just want to have a bath and go to bed once she’s asleep! I have made a pact with myself to be better this month… and onwards hopefully! I have written a few blog posts ready to post this week, including an amazing evening hosted by Chobani with lots of other Brighton blogging girls!

I also had a lovely catch up with Hannah who came to Brighton for the day, she wrote about it on her blog Hannah-Bee, along with some cute pictures of Athena and the Sealife centre!

Firstly though I just wanted to quickly write about a lunch last week…Co op recently invited me along to their pop up restaurant in Brighton, which is in London from the 2nd to the 4th October, follow @tweet4atable for your chance to win a meal with them! Below are a few snaps of the restaurant, a funky looking double decker doobrey, complete with spiral staircase!

 20130919_132015_thumb[1] 20130919_125003_thumb[4] 20130919_131120_thumb[1]20130919_132002_thumb[2]

And here are a few instagram pictures here for your viewing pleasure…

Me through the ages, my mum had all these in her purse! Top Row: age 24/19/21 Bottom: age 17/13/11

Sophie and I / My 2 favourite babies, exactly a year to the day apart! / Athena looking strange / a Bee!!

I actually have someone to keep be company this evening, my old housemate is coming over for baby cuddles and catch ups so I’ll leave this here and promise to get a few posts up this week!

Over and out!

7 thoughts on “In September I… plus an update

  1. Sabrina!! Amazing!! It sounds like you’ve had a great September! The co-op lunch looks scrummy!

    Thank you so much for linking up again 🙂 xx

  2. I love Sabrina, people used to say I looked like her at school, haha!
    Loving the passport photos and the Instagram of you and Sophie, hilarious.

    Lyndsay xx

  3. Lovely photos, I’m new to your blog, it’s lovely 🙂 Athena, such a lovely name sounds like the old month growth spurt is kicking in! Hope you get some sleep soon x

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