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As part of my ‘anti slummy mummy’ project I decided to treat my feet. Seeing as I now hardly drive anywhere (and walk what must be miles each week with the baby) my poor feet needed some TLC, especially since they’re about to be ensconced in tights and boots for the winter!  Anyway I decided  to have a pedicure, my first ever! Despite going to nail salons every 3 weeks for years when I had acrylics I’ve not once had anyone do anything with my feet! Plus I saw someone in hysteric fits of giggles once at the salon when her feet were being scrubbed and didn’t fancy doing that in public!

After a bit of snooping I discovered that Tai in Hove do all their pedicures in a private treatment room, so if you do get overcome with a fit of giggles only the beautician will have to pretend not to be amused! This was also good because I had the baby with me and if she was going to get agitated I didn’t want to disturb a whole salon of people trying to relax and pamper themselves! I actually needn’t have worried as when I arrived there were a couple of toddlers with people waiting, so I felt a lot more comfortable pushing a buggy in! They do a whole range of beauty treatments, as well as hair so If you live locally I’d recommend a visit!

 20130925_145518 20130925_145512


The room I had my pedicure in was lovely and bright, with amazingly funky Brighton-themed wallpaper and I took a seat it a comfy wicker chair whilst Becky explained what would happen during my ‘Ultimate Pedicure’.

Firstly my feet were soaked in warm water and then I had the old polish removed, then came the filing and removal of any dead skin plus nail trimming and cuticle removal. Then Becky gave me a lovely foot massage and applied a foot scrub to help exfoliate. She pointed out that I hadn’t giggled yet, and as soon as she did I wanted to! The baby woke up properly at this point and got very talkative but it didn’t but Becky off at al, so kudos to her!

20130925_152308 20130925_153322

After the exfoliation my tootsies were inserted into warmed fleece booties, which was like putting on a pair of fluffy slippers on that had been on the radiator all night, bliss! More moisturising came after that, then my nails got painted, with cuticle oil applied too. I chose OPI ‘Miami Beet’ which is a raspberry colour. Becky left me to relax for a little while to let my toes dry, so I chilled out with the baby on my lap and a magazine till It was time to trot off and meet my friend Sophie and her little one for some tea!

20130926_013347 20130925_153307

Overall it was a thoroughly relaxing experience, I didn’t giggle like a school girl and my feet feel so much smoother. Now I just need to sun to stay out for a few more weeks so I can get a bit more flip-flop wearing in and i’m set! Tai are on Blatchington Road in Hove and you can see all the services they offer on their website Tai Hair and Beauty, and I’ve just noticed they do ‘2 for 1’ beauty treatments on Tuesdays, so I’ll be back at some point in the not so distant future!


6 thoughts on “Anti Slummy Mummy: Pedicure

  1. oooh itsounds wondercul and Im enjoying nosing in the shop seeing as I walk past it daily!I csn also sttest to the fsct yoir feet looked great.xx

  2. I can’t bear the thought of getting my nasty feet out for a pedicure! I too would be one of those awful people that get the giggles, so I think I’ll scrub my feet in the comfort of my own home for now 😉 x

    1. good plan! I have some blank canvas squares I could wrap it rounf! When I found the b&q link I realised you can order a sample (I may have ordered two!) but I may also visit the store up the road and pinch a bit more 😉

  3. I love a good pedicure although I hardly ever go for them as I hate my feet!! I love the raspberry colour u chose xxx

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