Recent eats: Chobani at Graze


Thursday just gone I had a lovely evening with lots of other Brighton Bloggers at Graze (had heard great things but never been before) hosted by Chobani, who make natural healthy yoghurt, and have THE loveliest PR ladies. Now this was the first time I had been out for dinner without the baby and hadn’t been driving, so I had my fill of wine as well as what I think may have been a ‘chos-mapolitan’ ? I wasn’t sure about a yoghurt based cocktail, but by the end of the first glass I was looking for a second, as it actually tasted pretty good!


We had the whole restaurant to ourselves, so we didn’t need to keep the chatter and laughter down which was perfect, because I think everyone had a thoroughly good time!The menu had been devised by the chefs at Graze in collaboration with Chobani, and they really did produce a brilliant menu! I opted for the vegetarian menu options, although the Lamb rack and belly did look delicious!


Bloody Mary Gazpacho


Herb & Potato Dumplings


Chobani Onion Tart served with confit potato, onion puree & capers


White peach rosemary and white chocolate Chobani Panna Cotta

Chobani is a naturally fat free strained yoghurt that is thick and creamy, you can find your nearest stockist here. It is gluten free, and has no added sugars either. You can purchase plain pots, to use for cooking AND eating, and also pots with fruit in (blood orange, pomegranate etc!) I’m going to attempt some Chobani based recipes this weekend so will let you know how I get on.

Below are a few more snaps of the evening…



20130926_193509 20130926_192428



Thank you to Chobani for hosting us all and thank you to Graze for the delicious menu!

3 thoughts on “Recent eats: Chobani at Graze

  1. Hey Lauren,

    Fabulous post! It was SO lovely to meet you at our CHO-vent ahaha (okay getting abit carried away). Awh looking at your photos are making us feel all nostalgic •day dreams*. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled to see what recipes you decide to make! 😀


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